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  1. I'm liking this. I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to implement.
  2. Ahh that would explain it. I does seem that it has gone backwards, but I suppose sometimes you have to go back to move forwards. Still will remain on 2D for this version and await the hopeful improvement on FM16
  3. To me I think FM15 has marked a point of no return with the game graphics, it's just my opinion and everyone is welcome to object but it seems that SI have gone as far as they can go with the 3D graphical representation, to me this year is the first year the standard has actually gone down. That's not to say the graphics aren't more polished, it just seems that being able to turn the player stats, preferred moves and tactics into a fifa like graphical quality (because that's what their hoping to do to please all) is impossible. Personally I only play extended on 2d and goal highlights on 3d, but even the goal replays annoy me as the physics don't look right, especially when players are striking the ball they seem cack footed, there are still plenty of positional problems and goalkeepers reactions make great goals look rubbish, I'm sure it was better in FM14, although I didn't play it too much as I could never get into it. If I had my way SI would just concentrate their efforts on streamlining the game such as in classic mode (which has been great for people with less spare time) and making it ultimately more playable, if that was done I will be happy to never see 3d again, that is what most people want isn't it? You never know the game price might also go down if less graphical content research was made.
  4. I've just solved this issue after 12 hours. I ran the process of deleting cache and preferences and then verifying cache a number of times, even uninstalled steam and the game, then reloaded, only on the third occasion I noticed a similar thread where Neil Brock mentioned deleting the tactics folder and it done the trick, after deleting cache, preferences and verifying cache (not sure if this made the difference). Good luck.
  5. Given up now, even tried system restore and no joy, any help would be much obliged as I might as well go back to 14, that still works, but not good enough really, every year the game seems more and more unstable.
  6. I've done that. Re installed game, the same problem, launched and left it for 5 hours and it's still stuck on the loading page.
  7. I have been playing the game with steam offline for the last few months until today when I went online and then the latest patch downloaded. Now the game launches ok, but doesn't go any further than the screen advising that the game is loading in different languages for up to 20 minutes and never gets to the load game screen. I've done everything advised, deleted cache/preference folders, verified integrity of games files which was fine. When that didn't work I deleted my antivirus, checked my graphics card and uninstalled then reinstalled the game and it has still made no difference. I'm not massively computer savvy so please if you can suggest something can you do in layman's. Thanks in advance.
  8. Has the throw in animation changed? or always been like this, either I'm not very perceptive or all throw ins look like netball passes, the ball seems to be thrown from the front of the player and not from behind the players head. I'm not too bothered aside from feeling like I'm seeing things, has anyone else noticed this?
  9. I'm an occasional poster, avid reader in this forum. After scanning a few post in the week I often find myself wondering what in general people are looking for to make them satisfied with the game? I've come to the conclusion that most don't know what they want, most I find equally like basking in the glory of a 11-0 victory with 42 shots, as much as they like to complain about their injury crisis. To me personally, too much realism sucks, that's not necessarily because being more realistic would make it more difficult, but it would most certainly make it more predictable, less fun. Anyhow what is realistic? who knows until the next big thing happens IRL. Surely the whole point of spending hours playing a football management sim is in the hope that in your reality you can change the current order of merit and somehow make the footballing world more to your preference, or at least to make your mark in the footballing world. Personally I'm not a fantasist, although I appreciate the edited universes some have created, I do like some sort of semblance, but again this goes to show that one persons junk is another's treasure, therefore SI I expect have the impossible job of trying to please the masses when everyone finds different aspects of the game 'unplayable'!!. To me whatever way it comes I'm not going to kid myself, I'm hooked.
  10. I have!! I thought it was just that I was massively sleep deprived but I've seen it at least a couple of times now, I don't think the score reflected the end result but I am interested to know what this figure relates to.
  11. You know what, that probably is the case, I did expect that being 2nd in the league would override their (in my opinion) nonsensical hate of this player, but obviously not, I suppose it may have been a flexing of muscles by the board but it was still very annoying.. Well, I must concentrate on Accrington now. Thanks for your view.
  12. Your opinions would be appreciated about whether this sounds like a bug or not so I can upload.
  13. Started my first career game and after one unsuccessful season at Middelfart Fodbold of Denmark (Beavis and Buttheads favourite team I'm told) I ended up at Maidenhead FC in the Conference South for the start of the second season. They were the only club interested, for good reason, they had the lowest wage budget and were predicted to come 22nd out of 22, my target was to keep them up. I did this in my first season and continued on for 5 full seasons of mid to lower half obscurity, again it was fine as the board were just pleased that I didn't go down. Towards the back end of season 5, two things changed, I read the pairs and combinations guide by llama 3 (great work by the way) as I felt Maidenhead deserved more and I was a bit bored of coming 14th, the second thing was the board wanted me to drop James Mitchell, a 20 year old regen who has 5 star potential and fit into my tactic really well. I ignored the latter focusing more on my tactics, by the time the 6th season started I was very confident that I would astound the board as again I had been predicted to come last. I was right, I had cracked it (or llama 3 did) anyway I was going to take the credit, I was playing the type of football the fans deserved, 2nd in the league after 10 games, plus 15 goal difference, then, they sacked me, the short notice mentioned that I never did get round to dropping James Mitchell, is that right? like a boy who's been dumped for the first time I needed answers, my partner pipes up ' they obviously wanted you out', that didn't help. Like most people, I expect, I wanted to check the alternate reality, I reloaded from 2 games before, dropped poor James (who was the 4th best average rating out of the squad of 20 by the way) and continued, until at the exact same point, they sack me again, maybe she was right, they did just want me out? Ok, I though, I'm man enough, I need to find another lady.. I mean club, then from nowhere Accrington, 2nd in the Conference offered me the job, obviously the pressure is on to reach the play offs, but I'm back. Midseason takeovers are never good, especially when the club in on maximum wage exposure and the players they have don't work with the tactic you lovingly created, a few games in, it's tough, I most probably will not make the play offs, and find myself looking for another club, I cast my eye of the league below and wonder, how is my lady love, I mean Maidenhead FC getting on, not well, they've lost 6 of the next 8 games, good I think, then I notice that they have played JAMES MITCHELLL in every game, wtf.
  14. I'm having the same defensive issues in the Conference South, although I should expect to be a bit more open than you playing a direct, high tempo 4123. It's crosses that are really frustrating me, no matter if my fullbackgoes to meet the op player on the touchline, or retreats to stay solid, they still manage to produce an fast, arching cross in between my goalkeeper and CB's. I seem to have solved the corner problem to an extent setting up with 4 zonal 6 yard box markers, my best two in the air man marking and front post, back post, strong player on the edge of the box, leave two faster/winger type players up. Contain strategy other than for the last 5 minutes is not a good idea as far as I am concerned as you are inviting pressure. I'm trying to not play a 442 but the wing play seems to be so overpowered in the lower leagues I may have to switch. It's all a fine line, when results don't go your way morale drops and players start to do strange things against instruction and massively underperform. If you get a good defensive set up please do share.
  15. I like that. I would also like individual player stats to be able to be split by position also... unless that is already available. So stats for when a player who sometimes plays in striker role or on the wing, or even more in depth a midfielder playing as Advanced playmaker or BBM or any other role in fact. It would probably be a nightmare to do I expect.
  16. To pick up on this point of it being linked to player status or personalities, it is I expect, however in real life a professional footballers ability is not so linked to his mood at that moment time, in fact a guy like Rooney would probably play well angry, in the game however when morale is low from my experience it always has a very negative effect on the players ability.
  17. Accident prone Polish goalkeeper called Plonka.
  18. duccio, Yes, you would think they can agree something with someone rather than retire, that's a bit unrealistic in my opinion.
  19. Oh ok, then it does happen, maybe I just need to do better and they'll come running!!! I hope. I think I must just be ever so slightly obsessed with this one player who won't even enter talks with my club let alone let me try to give him some money even though I am now in the same league as he didn't cut it in. Thaks for your replies.
  20. Understood, but I'm not talking world class players here and I have an example - I had a player who played for me in the Skrill prem, he was too good for this league and subsequently left to a League 2 team, 2 years later I have been promoted and he is on a free and would rather lay dormant for a year than even entertain contract talks with my club. I'm sure IRL players would take a wage over no wage at all (i'm no footballer but I would!!). I get the reputation thing also but maybe there should be some kind of automatic depreciation of reputation or personal aspiration after a certain period of time without a club. Also with wages maybe the players expectations could reduce by even 10/20% after a certain period, just a thought and appreciate it might make the game slightly too easy.
  21. Is it just me or does it seem a bit silly when a player would rather remain unattached for over a year rather than accept a contract offer slightly less than he would like or in fact not consider dropping down a league from where he was released. It's slightly irritating that players in this situation even refuse to speak to your club as they state your club lack the ambition or financial standing they require... They are unemployed, surely some money/career is better than none. I'm not talking about a ridiculous drop maybe just league one to league 2 or a couple of hundred less than they were on before. Does anyone else find this annoying? Can a drop in demands after a certain period of time be factored in or is it too complicated?
  22. Did you sign a long term contract and the costs of getting rid of you is putting them off doing so? I had an instance where I was underperforming and that was the only reason I could think that saved me because the club had financial problems at the time and they couldn't justify sepnding money on compensation.
  23. So far so good, this seems an improvement from 14.1.4, but I did think that was a step back from 14.1.3. I would like to make a suggestion to those reactionary people throwing their toys out because their downloaded or unrealistic tactic (exploiting ME flaws) has stopped working, they should go and watch a game of football, maybe start by reading Inverting the Pyramid for a good base knowledge, then load a new game and prepare a BALANCED tactic, then you should enjoy the game. As for the 3d animation anomalies, the animations will never be perfect and I think most true FM gamers are not that bothered about it as long as they are few and far between and the keys stats/results remain realistic. In fact wouldn't mind if the game remained 2D as old, as I only ever have 3d for goal highlights out of curiosity. Anyways i'm enjoying my game much more now so thank you SI for all the work on this so far.
  24. Kubo - You do realise that this years real life table could and probably will look very similar to the first season table on your save? I do agree however that the amount of goals scored and goalscorers seems a tad unrealistic.
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