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  1. There are a many ways to keep scouting realistic and fun. The current way seems not to be fun for a part of the users.
  2. I don’t like the extra clicking in comparison to older versions for myself. Maybe some kind of list would be less annoying. This way you could choose to look only at he players, that look somehow interesting to you. Also, the new report card in the scouting tab is not very informative. Why doesn’t it show at least the player attributes and star ratings? I have always to hover over this little "i“. There is so much space unused. Maybe you wanted to replicate the feeling of managers to look at dozens of dozens of players in real life and then miss one, because you said to yourself: Ah f…. i
  3. Hi, playing the beta now, I really like some of the new features. However I noticed that other features are gone? In last FM I'm pretty sure that I could advise my DoF to overtake the transfers and contracts of my U23 team in Germany (+staff rercruitment for U23). I was very happy about that, because it took a lot of boring work away from me. Can't I find it or is it gone? Please say it's somewhere else
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