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  1. Maybe something was changed (affecting performance) but definitely not ME since ME version remains exactly the same (no single smallest thing was changed regarding ME).
  2. Not a bad one. Should have gone more defensive to prevent those two late goals from Lewandowski though
  3. They are present in beta and looks quite decent IMO. Some looks little weird but anything is better than regens changing race every single save reload in FM18 (hope this isn't the case in FM19)
  4. Guys, POWEEKEND discount (25% off) is still active. will drop it to £21.79 ($28.44 or €24.72) if you are in UK.
  5. It depends on your location. Just ordered and activated one on steam for £23.25.
  6. So ,what is the lowest price at the moment? Anything below £27.89 ?
  7. Thanks. Increasing first width value in this panel solved the problem.
  8. Hi. Trying to arrange more space to fit 350x350 size facepack on player overview panel, but there is a problem - left side of the picture is cut off. What other value should i change to fix this? Below in the spoiler is my edited 'player overview panel'. Sorry for my english.
  9. Hi. I have a problem with cut attributes on player overview screen. Anyone know how to fix this?
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