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  1. Hi. I have a problem with cut attributes on player overview screen. Anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Just received new working key from my re-seller.
  3. [FM16] Player profile screen

    Need help. Anyone khow how to get rid of the signature? Which panel, which line?
  4. It will be France if you ask me. No restrictions for players from Africa plus no language barrier for most nations (french colonies).
  5. Gibraltar in World Cup

    Since when Gibraltar is an official member of FIFA?
  6. [Released] white & dark & transparent V1 bergkamp skin

    Is it possible to add instant result buton? I would be grateful.
  7. [FM2014]Better Than Default Panels

    I want just default panel with 180x180 faces and without analyzer polygon. Something like this:
  8. [FM2014]Better Than Default Panels

    ArtDekDok could you make player profile personal details panel which support 180x180 faces? Exactly like this one: http://www.fmscout.com/i-666-180x180-Picture-Mod.html
  9. Could you reupload the first version?
  10. Work rate

    Tutoring by a player with high workrate? Just guessing.
  11. Nuu Skin

    Amazing skin. Reminds me of Fahrenheit. sometimes this text is hardly visible. You should make it white, yellow or sky blue. On the other hand this text should be darker, maybe black.