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  1. I stopped using Avira about a year ago because it was becoming more problematic then it was worth, MSE has given me no problems since I switched. I use Online Armor as a firewall as well.....its great once you get used to it. Both are free.
  2. This is why one option is bad, If my car breaks down I can get a replacement due from the company I pay money to....when steam goes down you have no other option. Also Car and software are not a great thing to compare. Yet still one option is fecking awful.
  3. No but I am having a great time playing FM11 as FC united. best save in single player since I took over some team in CM3 and had Maradonna as a player coach.......bring him off the bench for the last 15mins and he would score 2 freekicks! god I loved that save.
  4. Shock horror.....taking user end control away caused problems. Its why I am still playing 11.
  5. Why does it matter? You still get the cash in your balance.
  6. Get your eyes tested would be my 1st suggestion.
  7. Because I don't need to know.....I want him on his weaker foot so he is more likely to make a mistake and I can win the ball and hit the other team on the break. Very rarely do I care which foot is weaker. I just want the chance to win the ball and counter quickly.
  8. So you don't have to look at every players profile in the other team?
  9. I've never had more then 200m and that's with 20 Prem wins and and 14-15 CL wins in 30 odd seasons - it looks a little shady to me......
  10. 7 days and I only ever have the friendlies on a every sat with heavy fitness training. No more then 6 of them either. That's including the CS if I am involved.
  11. Nothing I can add to the 2 great posts by stevereay and oneunited.
  12. No problem - I can't say it will produce great results but I am sure you can get some joy with player roles and counters.
  13. This man has the idea. I would buy him a beer. Its not about any exploits to take advantage of. Its the ability to play a stable match engine that we the paying consumer wish to play. I have never exploited a match engine and never will as its cheap. I spent more time on not getting a corner weakness that results in a fair game then anything else in the last versions. To suggest other wise is wide of the mark. I just want a game with out these hidden rules that hinder the player.
  14. No. Broken features and ruined saves have been among the features of new patches. I always used to have a 2nd copy before updating to a new patch and testing it. If it was broken I could always roll back to the least broken patch and continue my save till it was fixed. I am not saying this version is broken etc, but we always had the option.
  15. I was talking about rolling back before steam was needed to play the game. That is why I asked to get some control back over what version to play.....
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