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  1. Once the editor is out, you could create them. Otherwise i'm sure someone will create it as a MOD/Add on in the coming weeks. I'd imagine the update would be in the Spring release if all the paperwork is completed by then.
  2. Wealdstone gave now signed Dean Parret and Jayden Randell Refrence. Dean will wear 24 this season.
  3. He is with the club, was named on the bench yesterday. Grant Smith-GK released by the club.
  4. It's possible, but possibly wouldn't be seen for a few months. Might be worth looking at for the spring update? Sponsor's vary across the league and exposure across socials etc but you would imagine's Wrexham's to be the highest in the league this season no doubt about that. Plus i read somewhere about a documentary on the club.
  5. More than happy to help with the spartan league and the combined counties for clubs near me- Edgware, Harefield and Southall!
  6. 3 staff missing from this Fitness coach- Gary Anderson Academy manager- Matthew Saunders First team analyst- Nathan McCann
  7. Can't see this anywhere on the official site, or on any of the last 6 first team games. The club at the moment has 3 keepers Harry Isted on loan from Luton, Grant Smith and Lewis Everett.
  8. Ah if it's from the Handbook then it's probably correct. But i know when i was there in July, the capacity had been uppped to comply with regulations for the National league. I'm speaking to the press officer today to clarify the other points and an updated staff list from a programme, as the website hasn't been updated since July 2019 for staff.
  9. With Wealdstone mostly staff related Richard Johnson left the club Mike Percival is now at Bracknell having left the club in the summer of 2019 Mike Povey left the club in the summer of 2019. Now at Salisbury They are missing a 1st team analyst that they hired but nothing on the website to confirm this at present. Club capacity is 3207, but seems to be shown in multiple places as 3600.
  10. Almost there ,We apologise if you were served an 'Available Now' ad overnight, we think someone got a little excited. We're working flat out to get the Beta live tonight, keep an eye here for updates #FM21 FM2021
  11. For me either Brentford my team, Wealdstone my local club. Then i'll probably go for another non league challenge so either Harefield or Chalfont St Peter. I also fancy an AFC Wimbledon save, now they have there brand new stadium open.
  12. Hi, Do you think you could do one for Chalfont St Peter either for FM20/21, along with updated details for Harefield for FM21?
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