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  1. Have you managed to have a look at this issue yet Alari? Its bloody annoying not being able to sell a valuable player lol
  2. Hi, if you over price a player so nobody is interested how do you sell him then?
  3. Hi, I'm having an issue where I have put one of my strikers on the transfer list (who is rated 5 stars) when I offer to clubs at current value it says no teams are interested in his profile, yet under the offers section I have received multiple offers. No bids ever come through on the home screen tho for me to except? I've tried adjusting his value and teams are offering double his value in the offers section but it never leads to a bid. Thanks
  4. Hi mate, yes you can, I have it on my Nexus 5 and Nexus 10. The only issue is it won't let you cross save them so you can continue your game on either device, you have to run two separate games which is useless : ( I wish they could of sorted this out by now.
  5. Hi, has anyone else noticed a bug with bidding on a transfer listed player? Christian Benteke has been listed for 6 months with no interest at all yet as soon as I make an offer for him half the world wants him and are suddenly ready to pay over double his value. Another issue I'm noticing is, its very hard to sell your players to other clubs using the 'offer to clubs' feature. I have a few really good players that I don't need now, there all worth 7m and up and yet even offering them for 50k I get no bidders. There not on huge wages either? Are these know bugs guys? Thanks
  6. For me this is better than fm2014, first season with Newcastle and I won the premier league and fa cup!!! Wahoo and this is without signing a single new player, and now I have 71mil budget awesome. Hope things get better for you dude.
  7. Hi, sorry if this has been mentioned before but I could not find the answers. Is there or will you be making a full HD skin for tablets? I'm using a nexus 10 and the colours look washed out and the text isn't that sharp. Also how do I use my saved game data on the nexus 10 to use on my nexus 5 so I can play when I'm not at home, if you can like apple that would be awesome. Thanks
  8. Just thought, I hope we will be able to transfer our save games from phones to work on the nexus 10. I've had a search of the forums but can't find any information on this :'( has anybody got a link please? Thanks
  9. Marc said it would be ready end of January so we should be hearing about it any time now I guess :-)
  10. Marc said it would be ready end of January so we should be hearing about it any time now I guess :-)
  11. well you guys can do anything so fingers crossed it might be a nice christmas surprise for us
  12. Come on dudes I'm upset now lol :'( I was really looking forward to buying this game, been waiting ages for it :-) Do you think your have a skin ready for the nexus 10 before christmas? as this is the flagship tablet model for android and FM13 would rock on it. I have £6.99 right here waiting for you ..... its easy you make me happy and I'll make you happy haha! If one of the team could ask Marc that would be great. Thanks Rich
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