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  1. I'm not sure if this has been "wish-listed" before. In the modern football now-adays we often see managers express their wrath at the referess rulling on the pitch by raging at the 4th official and screaming from the side to the referee. Maybe it could be implemented in the FM09 Release? ideally it shouldn't be all managers who do this, and not in every game. Mostly Derby matches in the high-profile teams around the world. Or maybe include smaller teams who also are rivals. Also, in Champions-League if games are tight and it's really important. I'd also like to see more focus on matches that are very important for the season, i.e Champions League games! Last Play round, and the team fighting for further progression has the focus of the media. More HIGHLY in-debt detailed media, comments, manager interaction, player interaction. Maybe like IRL - Press conference ? - More to come -
  2. idea: An option where you can contact a players agent stating that you are interested. And you wish the agent informs the players club that you are interested. And the agent can give you detailed information on player that you can use in the forseen future as to signing the player, if the club does not wanna sell.
  3. If you have a player for sale, and you offer him to a bunch of clubs. The clubs make various bids, and you're charmen accepts the offers quoting "the offer was to good to refuse" - in my case, i was United. Had evra for sale. Had offered him to clubs for £20 mill. Clubs offered amounts in the region of £12 mill. chairmen accepted. I was no where near in money problem, i had £35 mill as my saldo. Here comes the wish(es): Warn that if the charmen does the same, you will resign. Request full control of all transfers and demand the chairmen keeps his nose out of any affairs regarding transfers.
  4. I'd like a more in-depth transfer system including Agents, and a more "realistic" price range when buying players, the sums that you have to pay sometimes are really over-the-top Fans tweaking. i.e you're managing a team like F.C. Copenhagen, and you've reached the CL Group stage, you end up in group with Real Madrid, Roma and Sporting lissbon. If you then lose to Real Madrid at their home stadion, the fans become angry and the board awell. Thats not realistic in my eyes, indeed, teams have high-ambitions, but it has to be realistic..
  5. I would just like to underline my above post; I assume that SI main goal is to creat FM as realistic as possible, and truly give the player the feeling of controlling his/her dream team. Add a feature; physio, and training coaches can give a "head-up" warning if he is feeling pain, that could result in a injury. and btw. The ratio of injuries at the beginning of a season is utter ridiculous.
  6. Reduce the obscene high amount of Injuries, throughout the franchise of FM injuries have occurred. It's ridiculous and completely un-realistic. And, it's extremely frustrating.
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