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  1. Erase a name, add a "s", and suddenly it looks weird...
  2. First i looked at title and couldnt resist a giggle
  3. Look at my odds, really made me laugh so judging by this, any other place than 24th will be massive overachievement...
  4. Just like european countries had overseas colonies, Costa Rica wanted the same, but in the end they couldnt handle it...
  5. shouldnt it be stewart? for stewie? still, close enough
  6. i'm 28 yo, but still a swear word anywhere makes me giggle
  7. First i saw his name, than i saw his club history... faith...? (real player) here's his wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exodus_Geohaghon
  8. i had commentary like that when my striker for example shot just under the bar, and it said that he placed low shot... should i post it on bugs forum? its not a big deal i think...
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