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  1. Hello guys, i will make it quick. I need to buy a left-footed inside forward for my right flank for my Wolves (English Championship) team as a backup. I dont have much money and after lot of search i narrowed it down to two guys. Its an old as world competition of youth vs not youth I would really appreciate any feedback given!! now, the older guy can play central midfield, which i really dont need, and is yellow for striker. Younger guy can be a striker, and i would use a 3rd option for my lone soldier up front if other two get rekt by some training session. I wont really plan to spend more than 3-4 season top in the club and move on, so i kinda lean toward the older one, but his physical attributes are just killing me... If they were slightly better i would consider this a no brainer, but younger one can always develop, and he really is fast. Sry if it really is a nobrainer, just dont call me noob :D
  2. I noticed that around 50% of injuries that my players sustain in a match (both the ones that let them still play, and the ones that force them off the pitch) have no consequence whatsoever, they're fine after the match...
  3. they expect you to win with this budget?? in 2028? stupid... ( i wanted to write ridicoulo... ridiculo... well, i dont know how to spell it... )
  4. no, on his profile picture it says he gets 40k... look again http://i.imgur.com/KXKpDtx.png ... but just now i realized its p/a so its annualy, i guess... on another note, i dropped Diop... Fitness was just awful, unplayable level inmho. I ask always for physios immediately after, but get the same response... U-21 you say... how good for me that i rejected joining the reserves league to cut the costs... well thought:mad: i think i need a round of
  5. right, so im after takeover... new owner took a 240k bank loan, and first thing i do is ask for more coaches and they still cannot find the funding, those cheap ********...
  6. Well, you're in for a treat! (says fellow Hereford manager ) They gave you 40k weekly in wage?! btw, i have takeover talks (fingers-crossed)
  7. I have 35k weekly wage budget... im currently spending 19k and wont be spending more... but i cant increase number of coaches, cause they cant find the funds for one more coach with max 500 wage... i'm stuck on 3 coaches, i dont even pay attention to messages about unhappy players with training... so irritating...
  8. HEREFORD 2015/2016 1st - Vanarama Conference North Profile | Finances | Transfers | Squad | Table | Fixtures (League pt. 1, pt.2, Cups What can i say apart from the obvious. It was absolutely brilliant season. Definitely easiest start i had so far to this challenge (last year i failed miserably for example). Squad i got was brilliant with great wingers (Gnahore, Vetier plus good signing Mahon) good midfield (young Rutherford, Harding plus great signing Healy who made a difference with his passing) and solid defenders (O'Reilly, Onyeike plus solid McDonald, although i dont think i should spend money on him). So really i just added good replacements for the people that were already there (apart from mentioned Healy, and left back Habergham - key signings). Toward end of the season we had more slip ups (4 draws in a row), but 1st place was never really in danger. 1st half of the season most of the matches i conceded first and came back, at the end, i was leading to lose goals in closing minutes. I will have to address that. Also, number of conceded goals in total is a worry. For next season i definitely have to get myself a good striker. I have doubts whether my current one Tomlison is good enough, and second one, Diop, has just terrible stamina. Rest can stay in 1st Team, i think they're good enough. Its a young team overall, so still can evolve. But more or less i plan to fight for promotion, judging that winning the FA Trophy wasnt also very hard.
  9. Oh, and i also have 2 questions: 1. How do my managerial skills improve? cause i imagine coaching badge is for coaching skills (before this i played half a season with top manager, so i didnt check it) 2. Where are "biographies"? You know, where i could read about the player, his history in something like short story.
  10. Herefords New Year Update. Well, we're entering 2016 in good mood. First in table, team is playing well, already been Manager of the month twice. My tactic is working well, but that is thanks to the fact i have really good players as for this level. Only concern is conceding goals. I had only 5 clean sheets so far (two in last two matches oddly). At least i dont spend money on those clean sheet bonuses Tactic (well, i really have fast players) Squad Stats Table Funny stuff: Well, either bookies or a commentator are wrong and it makes sense, those two last sentences in the question, don't they?
  11. I will probably post later today a "New Year Update", cause im in December now, but to adres few things i've read here 1. I dont concede (nor score) many goals from corners. It seems on normal level for me. 2. I dont see players conceding stupid own goals, maybe once. I dont use any special tactic to deal with those problems, i just set up team like i always do in FM's and this year game feels perfect for me. Im not writing this to boast, just to say i honestly dont have those common problems, but i have no idea why
  12. I can only hope that it was Alan Hansen who said that offence wins matches, but defence wins championships. So far so good, if you look at the table, but i'm averaging almost 2 conceded goals per match... :o
  13. After finishing the challenge in FM 13 with Kettering (which i'm always tempted to put in my real-life CV), i really struggled in FM14 to the point i just gave up. This time though, i have high hopes with this year instalment. So without further ado, I present to you Pablo Chudini, new manager of Hereford! I feel he is the right person to bring glory days to this club!
  14. that's current season, but overall team that he's going to has better reputation than yours...
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