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  1. can someone clarify the role of the strikers for me. from what i can gather the right sided striker needs to be the big strong fast one and the left striker the more speedy one, but on the tactics screen the left sided player is set as target man.
  2. I had 3 sending offs in my first 3 games with this tactic, seems to have calmed down now though. Played 27 games with Everton and i'm in 5th place. If you need a striker for the right side (target man) i got Guillaume Hoarau on loan from PSG for the season. He's played 25 and scored 18 so far. in FM12 there was a team talk guide by someone which worked really well does anyone know where i can find it and if it's as effective in FM13?
  3. i've changed the tackling to cautious then lost to City 3:0 away, think that's just a reasonable-ish result anyway really, just keeping it on cautious for the next few games to see how it goes.
  4. Using the Modern Warfare tactic, is anyone else having trouble with sendings offs? i've played 3 league games with it, first game Fellaini red card, second game Jagielka red card, 3rd game Baines red card.
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