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  1. Another update. The player in question here went back to his original appearance when I started playing today, and I now see that his skin color is actually the same as it was after his appearance changed. I guess him changing from long hair to really short hair threw me off and for some reason I thought his skin color changed too, but now that he's back to his original appearance I see that's not the case. His skin color in fact remained the same.
  2. Quick update on this. So players appearances were still changing as far as facial hair and head hair, but their skin color was staying the same. Until this morning, one of my newgens' skin color changed from white to brown.
  3. I actually didn't realize that a new update was released today so maybe that had something to do with it. I think I noticed it before the update but maybe I'm thinking of FM19 without even realizing it. I will play a few days with this new update and let you know if it's still happening.
  4. Sorry if this had been addressed before (I know it's been happening in previous versions of the game as well, so I might've just missed this being discussed in the past), and sorry if this isn't the right forum for this, but can anything be done to prevent newgen faces from randomly changing every few weeks? It's one thing when their haircut and facial hair changes, that's actually pretty cool and realistic, but out of nowhere my light skin newgen having dark skin, and vice versa, looks pretty absurd lol. Is there anything at all that can be done to prevent at least the skin tone c
  5. Please please please fix the issue where a player throws the ball in and then immediately receives a return pass while he's still in an offside position. This kills so many potentially dangerous attacks as it usually happens near the opposition's corner flag. There's no reason for a one-touch return pass to the throw-in taker when he's clearly offside.
  6. Fair enough. Is there a tutorial on how to make the change yourself using the editor? I'm always afraid of doing something incorrectly with the editor and then end up screwing up the entire database.
  7. Was going to start my save tonight but realized that the current database still has Pochettino managing Tottenham instead of Mourinho. Any idea when we can expect that to be updated? Don't want to start my save until that's done. Sorry if this was answered already, I tried searching for it before making the thread but didn't see it mentioned.
  8. I've asked my scout to go out on assignment for 6 months and to only scout the Spain U-19 division. I didn't give him any other instructions (meaning no minimum star ratings, no transfer value restrictions, nothing at all). He has already managed to watch a game between Valencia's U-19 vs. Elche's U-19. However, he didn't come back with any scout reports. When I go to those two teams' pages and scroll through their U-19 players, I do see that more of their attributes have been revealed, but not a single one of them has an official report from my scout. So I'm just curious, has scouting ch
  9. Am I the only one who has noticed how often this happens? Almost every game which involves a player going up against a club he used to play for, that player scores (this happens to both user-controlled and AI teams). Is this something that has been discussed before and already brought to SI's attention or am I just experiencing some isolated version of coincidence that has been going on for the 4th season in a row now?
  10. Theo Hernandez managed to play an incredible amount of league games in 2017/18.
  11. Been playing FM since FM 12 and never thought of doing this. Haha, thank you.
  12. You're probably right. I always assumed that the attributes just showed how good someone is at performing those tasks rather than how often they perform them, but with things like eccentricity and rushing out, it may lean more towards indicating how often they actually do it rather than how good. If we can get someone from SI to clarify this that'd be great.
  13. This will be great. I never play with bigger teams so I haven't had the chance to try out the better GKs, would be very interested in seeing how someone like Schmeichel (or Neuer, Lloris, Bravo, ter Stegen, etc.) performs as sweeper keepers.
  14. Yeah I've got him training as a sweeper keeper so I'll see how he continues adapting to this role.
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