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  1. You still got relegated, I'm afraid, even if the situation was hopeless when you joined...
  2. ...because so few players want to play in highly taxed England....?
  3. While I don't have in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of FM, I believe the English league has a preference for the 'English style', ie. fast, direct and physical football. I believe this is especially the case in the lower leagues. It doesn't mean other styles won't work, just that this style of football has a slight edge over other styles.
  4. Say I've got an inside forward with high dribbling skills, and I want him to dribble more. I can do this by choosing "dribble more" in the player instructions. I can also do this by asking him to learn "dribble more" as a PPM. What is the difference between the two? Several of the PPMs(hold up ball, dribble more/less, through balls, move into channels, to name a few) have corresponding player instructions, and I'm wondering what option would be 'best'? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Goalscoring

    Creating a lot while not scoring means you need to swap your finisher and leave the playmakers.
  6. What Governs Attendances?

    A couple hundred fans is pretty standard in Skrill N/S, except for a few wonky clubs(like Stockport). Just wait until you get to the premier, you should expect massive crowds of at least 5-600!!
  7. Lower League Depression

    I had the same problem as you in breaking the low-league challenge this version. It took my some failed saves until I was finally able to win with a crap team. The way I did it was to keep it simple and sit deep trying to keep the opponent from scoring, and then rely on an opposition mistake to grab the required goal. So, a standard 4-4-2 with rigid and defensive, tight marking and so on to keep things tight, and instructing the strikers to run at the defenders and force a mistake.
  8. The perfect time to spend your short-time loan quota.
  9. All-time favourite: The intertoto cup. The Johnstone's Paint Trophy is also a cup I really want to win every time, yet I never seem to do so... The royal league, on the other hand, is a true spawn of Satan himself. I also dislike the league cup due to its non-existent prize money and crowds for low-league clubs to profit from...
  10. You would never get a message about. The selling club doesn't pay the wages at his new club. The selling club merely pays the difference between his old wage and his new, lower wage. If you sign back-up players and pay them less than their current contract, odds are that he's getting paid by his former club as well.
  11. Regen poaching is an exploit anyway.
  12. Andres Villas-Boas says hello. .....And basically every Chelsea and Man City manager....
  13. No, and it's one of my main gripes with the way I play FM. Match engine bugs, AI squad building issues, tedious press conferences: all minor and irrelevant compared to this. I always start at the very bottom of the pyramid(whether in England or elsewhere), taking WifeBeaters&Plumbers United to Premier League glory. The start is great, and I have fierce rivalries with fellow Blue Squarers Junkyard City and Walking Frame Rovers. The bumper crowd of 7 retirees and 3 dogs does wonders for the bottom line! When I eventually climb up the pyramid, however, the fun stops... The only rivalry I can get is if I **** off Mourinho for the umpteenth time... Don't get me wrong, I love an angry Jose. Still, it would've been really nice to get some intense, do-not-lose matches against Sunderland and Newcastle, for example... This edition is an exception because Stockport, with Man City listed as rivals, are in the bottom tier. I hope they implement this feature before they get their act together....
  14. My opponent just got a red. Another one of them got his second yellow for arguing. Good times...
  15. Ffp

    I think you will have to increase your general revenue for that to happen, ie. increasing sponsorships, attendance and so on.