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  1. Oliver & Paul Collyer - M.B.E.s

    I'm not saying they haven't done a good job; I'm merely pointing out that making a videogame, and establishing a franchise out of said game, for a profit is hardly a chivalrous act. Getting a m.b.e for designing a videogame seems like they're giving it out for any reason.. just my 2 cents.
  2. Oliver & Paul Collyer - M.B.E.s

    m.b.e's become a bit worthless when they give them out for any reason...
  3. Was the future fee something like 1m? That would explain it.
  4. DRM has been and will always be both a great and terrible thing. It makes the lives of the pirates a tad bit more difficult which is the great thing but at the same time it infringes on the consumers freedom which is the terrible thing. I despise DRM, I hate it. It's illogical to me. Piracy has existed since the days of the floppy drive and the fact that people think that introducing DRM will combat it are merely short-sighted. The battle Vs. piracy will never be won. So what do you do if you cannot defeat your enemy? You join them (well not really literally.. I'll explain). What I suggest SI/Sega to do is: Do a public survey* over the next couple of months which ask various questions as: Have you ever illegally obtained a copy of FM? If yes, was it because of A) .... B) .... C) .... Other: Please state And so forth. Only then will SI/Sega know WHY people are doing it. And in order to combat it one must truly understand it. SI/Sega obviously don't understand it - the introduction of DRM just proves this. *In exchange for the following information offer amnesty to any pirates. So basically I think that SI/Sega need to find the root of the problem. Is it because they can get the game earlier? Because of the price? The convenience of not going to the store? Whatever. Thus, rather than finding an alternative to DRM (there is no method of making a game un-pirateable.. it's like trying to find the holy grail), they should try to understand the reasons why.
  5. SI, Jacobson & co are a disgrace!!!

    If they didn't do anything about it they would lose an enormous amount in revenue and most likely be sued. So they're forced to do something about it...
  6. SI, Jacobson & co are a disgrace!!!

    I'm not just going to shut up and stay in the corner am i? If they don't get feedback on their screwup they're going to think everything is fine. What a silly thing to imply. The more you press someone to fix something they more urgency they put to it. If they get 10 people saying "we have an issue" it won't be urgent. If they get 100, 000 people saying "we have an issue" it will be very urgent. Common sense. Stop brown-nosing. Especially as you didn't even have the issue to begin with I really have no idea why you're even posting.
  7. SI, Jacobson & co are a disgrace!!!

    The fact that they are all probably nice and helpful people doesn't negate the fact that they have royally screwed up.
  8. SI, Jacobson & co are a disgrace!!!

    You obviously seem to not understand how piracy works, please stop talking. All this crap about cracked games not working is myths spread by the numpties and SI people to dissaude people from going down the piracy route.
  9. SI, Jacobson & co are a disgrace!!!

    Erm, you can hardly have a go at him when you don't even know the difference between "your" and "you're". Muppet. This whole ordeal is just sad, when has DRM ever been good? Did they honestly think that because it had DRM there would be no pirate copy? Honestly? Where there's a will, there's a way. And DRM has been cracked time and time before. Very, very stupid idea. If you buy a product you should be able to play it out of the box with no hassle. On top of this, the external packaging mentions no necessity of activation via telephone or internet. Hopefully someone reports SI to the trading standards. This mistake is frankly inexcusable.
  10. Ditto. Are SI now honestly trying to **** their customers off now or something? This is pathetic.
  11. Well miles!? I'd really like to play this game but it still isn't working. This is frankly a ****take. It's been now a day and it's still not fixed.
  12. Ya cmfrenzy have CMFrenzy FC on a yearly basis which gets put into blue square premier. edit: oh wait.. a REAL team.. aaaha.. no... not us then.
  13. Errr... what the heck? The SIAS II forum just disappeared? What happened? Any other SIAS members have the same issue?
  14. You know what would be funny? If their "revolutionary" new feature is a 3D SKIN! WOOOOOOOO!