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  1. Does anyone have a .txt file of all the players he's added? I downloaded the may list and it had no .txt file which was annoying.
  2. Rubbish, what other game can give you 100's of hours of play for 30 quid (or less if you buy online)......Muppet... Scott M </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Counter-strike Source and generally any other FPS or any other RTS game such as the CnC series. Oh and games like WoW.
  3. ---Fix the Euro Vase bug in network games where the host gets the application for the other player, and the other player only gets his. Really annoying. ---Have a residency countdown timer, would help a lot. ---Make the awards a bit more realistic. ---Stop the defence making like 20 mistakes in every game, this doesn't happen in Premiership football. ---Make it so if you appeal against a ban and the decision was incorrect the ban gets revoked. ---U16's perhaps? ---Make it so if you reject an enquiry the club who asked it doesn't come back three days later, that is so ****ing irritating! Also, why do clubs keep asking how much they want for a player when you have their transfer status set as unavailable for transfer? It's as if this is purely cosmetic now... fix that. There's a lot more really but i can't think of them at the moment. Hopefully SI reads this and realizes the amount of flaws that are in the game.
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