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  1. I'm experimenting with 2 Mezzalas to recreate an old Christmas Tree from an ancient CM game I loved with West Ham. When I do the write up you will see. So far it's working well, though. As I have no wide players, and only 2 FBa, the Mezz are expected to provide the width. So far it's working with 1 pulling wide while the other sits a bit narrower. But it's early days. I'm trying with Southampton now, will post once I have some proper data, and then I'll try with Everton. Those two teams seem to have the perfect mix of players for this, though Tottenham could do, too, thinking about it.
  2. I'm only playing the demo, but started a Liverpool save to see what I could do. I haven't played a full FM game in anger for a long time, but the advent of new roles is really interesting to me. I made 3 signings before the season started, with a 4th coming later. De Ligt - 17m Dolberg - 27m Gago - 3m Rajkovic - 6m Out went Markovic and Ings. I focused on 2 formations, both based on the same principle, but one is a bit more defensive than the other. 1: 4-1-2-3 Fluid, Control, Much Higher Defensive Line, Much more pressing, Higher tempo, prevent short GK dist., Play out of defense. SKs WBs BPDd BPDd WBs DLPd RPMs MEZa Wa Wa CFa 2: 4-2-1-3 Same team instructions, just one change. Out goes the Mezzala and in comes an extra DLPd. First league game was Tottenham away, so I went with the more defensive formation. Can scored from a corner in the 21st minute... and that was it. We completely stopped them from playing. We didn't have too many chances, and I was dissapointed in Dolberg upfront and in Salah being offside so much. Coutinho was also a bit off in the RPM role. He moved to the left wing in the second game, against Basaksehir in the CL Quali. This game didn't go exactly to plan. Most of the first half was dire. We were slow and unable to penetrate. Plus Salah was again offside way too much...But at the start of the 2nd half, Coutinho gave us the lead from the left wing after Salah worked across the pitch. We'd score 3 more goals, one from the spot, and conceded two sloppy goals, Gomez caught out of position on too many times and a stupid act of not closing down. My fault for taking the shout off to preserve energy... Coutinho had more influence when he moved back to midfield, which was good, but I'm looking forward to having Firmino back from injury to knit the forward line together better than Solanke or Dolberg can.
  3. I just thought of something else... As FM has just introduced this "manager type", then they should really increase the AI's expertise when it comes to training. I want my Assistant or my 1st team coach to be an astute trainer, and you can just tell him what aspects you want the team to work on and he'll go and do it. You should also be able to then tell him about individual players, too. That way you can remain a manager/DoF type without sacrificing the top quality training you need to implement yourself nowadays.
  4. I only used one when trying out a RM save. With an IFa on the other side and a CFs up top. It worked too well, but that's probably due to Ronaldo and Bale, not the role...
  5. Well yes. I'm trying to make him a target. Passes to feet and crosses to his head. Not long passes onto his head. I've always wanted a bit more from my DLFs. Tevez and Llorente are great as a DLF/TM combo.
  6. I only didn't realise the TM caused the rest of the team to act differently... I only have short passing on the defenders and AM. The team has short passing on, but I also have more direct on my creative players. The aim is to try and funnel play through a few players and pivot around the forward (Pelle) in order to get around the sides. Wing backs bomb on, the aim is for them to pass short when they can't get forward, then try to get further forward to receive the ball and cross. Meanwhile, the IF is there to cut inside and support the lone striker and the Winger is more of a wide playmaker thanks to his instructions (I'm trying to get Tadic to be involved a lot more, but I wanted wide men. Otherwise I'd have used a midfield diamond with Tadic at the point and asked him to run wide). In terms of what I'm trying to get the team to do...I'm just trying to get a handle on FM15. However, I had read about the problems with wide play and my WBs were constantly out of position. If this had been an ME problem, then I'd scrap this save and try one that isn't reliant on attacking WBs. If it's my tactic, then I need to figure out why so that when I get the full game I can seamlessly adapt.
  7. So the use of a TM causes the other players to react differently? Hmm...I guess I should try to recreate a TM on a different base, then. In terms of passing options, there's always one. For instance, I just had a shoddy part of play. CB hoofed it forward when he had the FB beside him and AM in front. Somehow we won it back, for the LB to repeat when he had the winger in space and the AM available again. However, with the forward becoming isolated, I'm seeing on the avg. positioning that the IF is getting reasonably close, so that shouldn't be that much of a problem. I want him to score, mainly, though... Perhaps as a DLFs, then...or CFs with a lot of PIs. It's the opposition wing play that's killing me, though: they're just always getting behind defenders who are miles out of position. It's like I've got Glen Johnson on both flanks!
  8. Oh, and I also seem to be having issues with long balls from the defense and a lack of pressing from midfield. I have shorter passing as a team shout and pass it shorter as individual shouts for all four defenders plus the Anchor Man, yet one of them is currently getting 37% passing accuracy (the others are 72, 85 and 42%). I'm also having far less of the ball than my opposition. I'm playing as Southampton and it's against Aubsberg in the last pre-season friendly. I've got 42% possession and 68% passing accuracy. Considering the shape of my tactic and the personnel selected, that shouldn't be happening. Rough shape is: GKd WBs--CDd--CDd--WBa --------AM-------- -----APs--B2B----- IFa-------------Ws --------TMa
  9. I've heard about problems in one version (or more) of the ME with wing play being overpowered. I just wanted to know whether this was the case on the demo? As currently, my tactic is being ripped apart down the flanks and I'd like to know whether it's me or the ME before I try to correct it. My wing backs are just wondering infield, out of position for no good reason. I'm currently trying to get a hang of the game and the ME so that when I get my hands on the full version I can jump straight in. Currently, I'm thinking about giving up and just waiting until next year and when I get the game. Both wing backs have stay wider as an instruction.
  10. At this level,Rodriguez looks a CMa every day of the week. Take advantage of his finishing.
  11. Surely a narrow diamond would be the best way to accomodate those 4 midfielders, with Sanchez and Falcao up top. Romero as a HB/AM/DM, Verrati as a Roaming playmaker or DLP, Ramsey as CMa, Wilshere at the tip as an APs/a. Or, even better, in a 4-1-3-2, with Wilshere as an APs in midfield, not AM.
  12. Update after 2 more games, Standard in Europe and Sunderland in the PL. 4-1 and 4-0. Kane got a double in the former (Erikson and Lennon the other 2), with Depay, Lamela, Bony and a Dembele penalty in the latter. Depay has been a revelation so far, very very good as an attacking winger on the left. Set up Lamela and was fouled for the pen.
  13. 5m up front, 10m over 48 months. Not really doing it for me, yet, although the season is young and the tactical evolution is young, too. Drew 1-1 with Utd. Started with a 4-1-2-2-1, Erikson and Lamela narrow behind Bony. It was my original starting tactic and I wanted both cover in DM and Erikson in the AMC spot. 0-0 after 70 minutes so bought on Depay and Soldaldo (latter just back from injury). Depay crosses for Soldado, penalty, dispatched. Unfortunately, I'd then made all my subs, otherwise Erikson would have made way for a DM. Utd just pressed me back and there was nothing I could do to help it. Di Maria scoring late on to make it 1-1. On Balanta, he seems to be doing ok, but we'll see when Kaboul is fit again. Then my CBs will be Kaboul and Jones. If there's any difference I'll say. So far he's been a bit rash but nothing too bad. Jones was my Vertonghen replacement, though.
  14. I'm going to have a go at a 3-5-2 with Juventus later, so I'll let you know. In 14 it worked well (3 CBd, 2 CWB, Regista, BWMs, CMa, DLFa, TMs), this time I'm looking forward to trying Pirlo in the roaming playmaker role and re-exploring the B2B role.
  15. Well, second league game was 0-0 against West Ham, although I did hit the bar twice (Lamela and Depay). Both of those scored 2 against Slovan Bratislava, so have 3 in 3. In four games, Paulinho started 1 at CM (BWMs) and 1 at AM(APa). He did the best in the latter, but it was against poor opponents. Dembele started at BWMs in the other 3 games and has done marginally better. I'm thinking of switching it up, though, as he's not getting forward enough for me. BWMs used to be perfect for this, I guess I'll try B2B, I hear it's had a boost. Injuries causing problems, although Chiriches has come in for Fazio already due to the latter's lack of pace. Shape is good, Bony isn't doing enough for me. Man U next up, so 4-3-3 will get a run out, which means places for both Paulinho and Dembele (injury to Wanyama, Dier, Naughton and Kaboul means I need Capoue as RB cover).
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