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  1. @battles_atlas totally agree....and i've played every version but the process of fixing the match engine every year is wearing a little thin now
  2. I have a suspicion the button has been pressed.......now fm twitter account is just biding time tweeting random stuff until it’s official
  3. Not sure if this has been raised....when watching my highlights and have the latest score widget up it displays the goal news in the widget before the goal goes in on the match engine (only a second before but it always catches my eye)
  4. Good news....hopefully all on their way now then
  5. Codes from GMG are being sent out in an hour according to Golden FM on twitter
  6. No...i've sent an email....hopefully they'll send them out soon
  7. The beta is out......and no keys from GMG
  8. But his pace is 20.....I think it's totally accurate as there's a big difference between acceleration and pace
  9. Anyone heard anything from greenmangaming yet? I sent a message regarding keys but no reply
  10. Well well well......the best just got better......Tremendous work si,defending is a lot lot better.....thanks guys
  11. For me it's not the amount of crosses but the amount of goals coming from them.....Near post/ far post entwined with the goalies slow reaction bug
  12. After playing on for another season it's very much the type of goals being scored that's the issue for me rather than the quantity......It's the dreaded cross to either the near post or the far post that seems to always result in a goal
  13. As has been mentioned it's a bigger problem down in the lower leagues
  14. Since going from Beta to full release I'm now getting far too many goals again.....will upload some pkms tomorrow
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