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  1. Gonna ask politely......is there a chance of the patch being released tonight Neil or not? Thanks in advance
  2. I think regarding the dressing room layout it would be a big help if player faces were implemented on this screen to add to immersion, also make the boxes a little bigger maybe to include some basic match info.
  3. Only a week to go before official release, better to continue the good work they’re doing
  4. I think it’s to do with the scaling, I have mine at 50% and have 6 panels.....anything above and it got reduced
  5. Really hoping for a patch soon to fix the UI issues, not specifically about the mess that is the Matchday experience but at least the display issues that it seems all are having
  6. Definitely tonight then otherwise you’d have been courteous enough to say so
  7. You just know on page 100 @Neil Brockis gonna come on here and say not today folks
  8. @battles_atlas totally agree....and i've played every version but the process of fixing the match engine every year is wearing a little thin now
  9. I have a suspicion the button has been pressed.......now fm twitter account is just biding time tweeting random stuff until it’s official
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