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  1. Anyway I can hide other clubs financial information?
  2. At least this means I may......just may be able to start my save at last
  3. Am I right in saying you have to pay to access this mod? (fm 24 beta version)…..If so can anyone tell me if it makes a huge difference to the game?
  4. It’s not the result…..it’s the way it happened, no change of formation from Wednesday, not one substitution, players out on their feet from 70 minutes onwards. And this happens match after match
  5. Just loaded up to give another go as some swear blind there’s no issues with their saves, started as Southampton, 1st game away to Sheffield Weds and set up a basic 4-3-3 formation without tweaking…..Won 5-0 and the opposition made zero substitutions, didn’t change formation and I think that’s where I’ll leave this until it’s properly patched
  6. This version was advertised as a love letter to FM......More like a Dear John
  7. Nice chippy response as per......there is clearly an issue with too many goals being scored and it's being reported by multiple....multiple users and not just the poster here, I've seen loads of evidence produced
  8. I'm quietly putting the game down for a while until they fix the bugs that are preventing me from playing....AI Subs, too many goals and broken interactions. I'm sure they're working on it and we'll get the patch soon
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