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  1. Hi According to the overview, I have far exceeded my wage budget, but as the finances show, I am not actually spending the money. It looks okay when I open the finances in FMRTE too. Any ideas to what is happening? And is it likely to change when I get the budgets for next season? Not able to sign any players now, and the board is not happy that I am "struggling" to work within the wage budget.
  2. Thank you. I will try to change the right midfielder to IW and play with only one BPD. Perhaps IW and AF should be on the same side (due to a possible conflict between DLF and IW?)? What issues would typically come from counter-press? Will try to play without to see if anything changes. At the moment, both my first-choice strikers are right-footed, but I have two left-footed coming up. Villalibre is also left-footed.
  3. Would you mind sharing more details about your tactic, @bowieinspace? I also play with Athletic (read your posts in the Athletic thread) and have used a 433 formation (dm and wingers) for the first couple of seasons, but I think I want to change because of a few decent strikers coming up. The results have been good for the first few games, but it seems a bit gung-ho. I tried to lower the LOE in order to become more compact (and not lose possession in the centre?). This is how it looks right now. Any comments/tips?
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