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  1. I had the exact same problem for when i upgrade my Macbook, which one Macbook Air or Pro? until i went into the Apple store to get some advice, now the decision is made (for me at least). The new macbook pro's are cheaper effectively, so at £1,249.00 a: 13-inch: 2.4GHz with Retina display 2.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Turbo Boost up to 2.9GHz 8GB 1600MHz memory 256GB PCIe-based flash storage Intel Iris Graphics Built-in battery (9 hours) Processor, RAM and flash storage can all be upgraded if you buy direct from apple's website so a 2.6GHz, Turbo Boost to 3.1GHz, with 16GB RAM... will cost just shy of £1500, only £380 more dear that the most expensive macbook air with no upgrades, for twice the processor and triple the RAM. not to be sniffed at It all depends on how much you want to spend.
  2. I cheated at first when I was younger as i didn't fully understand the game, eventually i got tired of this and stopped playing all together. Cheating now would completely ruin the experience of FM for me, came back to the series full-time (yes its a job more then a hobby) in FM12 and haven't cheated since my break from FM. Us LLM are masochists and heroin addicts, gotta get that cup run cash, so we can fix our troubles. don't you know
  3. For me it depends on my current tactic and the players positions and role, currently it is a 4-3-3 and backup 4-6-0. As i play a WB-BPD-CB-WB, DM, AP-AP, IF-IF, T(4-6-0 striker moves back to CAM between the IF's). but i usually have player that can play in different positions on my subs bench, so im completely covered if the **** hits the fan. S1. GK S2. CD/BPD S3. DLR S4. DM/CM S5. CM S6. IF/CM S7. ST/IF
  4. This year in FM14 im going to start unemployed on sunday league past experience, then see which BSN/BSS team offers me the a job. then start a sort of journeyman save trying to get any of these clubs on my resume and take them to glory or other clubs that catch my eye. AFC Wimbledon (as im a supporter) Liverpool (also a supporter) Werder Bremen Fiorentina Villarreal Ajax Barcelona
  5. First of all I understand that this might be one for the wishlist thread. None the less i wanted to see if anyone else feels the same towards this idea, and give any feedback. I'm sure im not alone in this but I have itunes running in the background or BBC iplayer live radio stream (mostly 5live). This got me thinking wether SI would be keen on the idea of having an in-built music or radio app into FM. That would use less juice than itunes, dedicating MORE POWER to FM. Or even if SI had their own internet radio stream, filled with FM news, music, community info etc. Similar to the FIFA games, but playing a bit more then the same 25 tracks. with the possibilty of repeated live broadcasts over the course of the day. Or special appearance on air by Miles Jacobsen on updates, patches and such. Just rambling here... Does anybody else listen to music whilst paying FM? (or do you all sit in silence in a dark room!) Would a SI radio stream be a welcomed feature into the franchise? Replies on a postcard please.
  6. OP here again once again thanks for the messages of support, i am definitely considering the blog/careers thread for FM 2014 as its getting a bit late in the day for the current game. however i am siding towards the blog, as a career thread can be incorporated into it. if and when it happens i will make some sort of thread announcement in the forums.
  7. OP here thanks for the kind messages, i wasn't expecting my story to be so well received. guess i was wrong lol. ive considered writing a blog (more so than a career thread) as a blog could contain a FM story or career. However i would need to give it a lot more thought. As I am not the best FM player out there, its more that i don't have the confidence in actually pulling it off. There are so many great FM bloggers, i would need something to stand out amongst the crowd. But never say never, it might just happen.
  8. I've spent quite a while deliberating with myself whether I should write this at all. However I fell that it is something that I need to share amongst the FM community. Either to see if anybody else has had a similar experience with FM like mine. First of all a little backstory of my experience of SI games; I started playing CM sporadically in the early days of yore. Personally I didn't get much satisfaction out of a football manager simulation games, when i was younger. So I have been an on/off FM player over the years, I got more fun playing IRL football with my mates. However I have always been a nut for anything football, my obsession has only increased as I gain years, never ending. Every couple of years I would pick up a copy of FM and have a crack at it. Each time getting a little bit more into it and going a little bit further seasons wise in game. I have suffered from mental health problems since I was a young teenager. Which has now been mostly diagnosed a Major Depression with minor OCD tendencies. Which I am not going to go into all the ins and outs of my condition. However spring last year a collections of circumstances came to rise and caused me to have a major mental breakdown (not the first I may add). So I left my job, had a large operation on my leg to repair my buggered muscles and ruptured ACL's (year old serious football injury) and I was classed as long term unfit to work. I spent many months doing physio and seeing a multitude of mental health professionals to help me. At this time I had a copy of FM2012 which I was playing rarely, due to the fact that my depression almost renders me unable to engaged with anything. Because of no energy and no motivation along with other problems. I was turning into a ghost of a young man. Eventually along with the psychiatrist and therapist, we found medication that was working and that was not giving me adverse side-effects. I started a long road to recovery from here on. However I needed something to engage me mentally. So after a long discussion with my therapist and an old close friend who was a trainee mental health nurse (is now fully qualified). We focused on what have engaged me over this period, even if it was so miniscule. So I said FM2012. I was told to keep at it and expand my interaction with tasks and get me mentally active again. So I knew FM2013 was released on steam. I bought and downloaded it and got to work. I started off small playing it here and there as I had nothing else to do or engage me. My playing time increased and I started feeling something I thought I would never feel again... enjoyment! So from here on I expanded. I started reading again, anything and everything on FM and football tactics and management I could find. I started to really get really engrossed in the world of football management (only playing simulation at least). After a while I was more mentally and physically active all thanks to playing this one game and able to cope with life better. Its been quite a while since I rediscovered myself. But I'm not out of the woods yet, I've been steadily making slow progress to be where and who I want to be in life. Sometimes I have fallen back (like recently), but I am forging a path out of the forest. To brighter pastures new. Currently I am trying to get better again enough to get back into work. But thats another story. So thanks SI GAMES for making a game that has been a release for me. Helped me rediscover myself and my emotions as a sort of therapy, also give me a resolve to beat my condition. All through the enjoyment of playing FM. Once again thank you. From Sam, a 25 year old sufferer of depression, an AFC Wimbledon and Liverpool FC fan. Now a FM fan.
  9. Long time observer of the SI forums, first time poster. There are many things I would like to see implemented in the next version of FM, however I have just decided to post about the main 3. These 3 relate to each other and effect each other in certain ways. 1 - TRAINING Like many of you i want to see a training overhaul. Currently in FM2013 you can set the intensity and percentage of regular training and match specific training, which is then split into days. Which I would like to keep myself. However I want to implement actual training drills into the days of training. a wide variety of technical and physical drills that effect players stats. You would only be able to implement a certain amount of drills per day, (say 10). Either applying them to the whole team or to just the defence/midfield/strikers/wingers etc. So all areas of your team do 10 drills a day, some as a team some as smaller groups. Say you play a Stoke FC long ball game, you might want to focus all your regular training day drills (for the strikers only) on ones that focus on headers and first touch and either passing or finishing. Stoke are a physical team so also applying across the board weight drill training to all players would be beneficial. Or you could heavily focus your team drills to play a Barcelona style short quick passing game. Boosting the effectiveness of your respective tactics, due to stats and familiarity respectively. Obviously the larger and better coaching staff you have, the better results your training will yield. 2 - USER MANAGER STATS AND THEIR IMPLEMENTATION Secondly i want to see my manager profile have stats the same as the real and AI staff and managers. Which can rise and fall, due to a variety of reasons. This in turn links in with the TRAINING in point 1. Say all your stats start at 10, attack, defence, fitness, motivation etc. etc. Now as you delegate training drills you might heavily focus on ball control and finishing. To make your trainings more effective you can attend seminars to boost certain stats. Also UEFA A/B/PRO LICENSE’S which will give your stats a little lift and increase your determination stat. Say you tactical focus is defensive and control focused. You might want to go to seminars that focus on ball control and defensive systems. Now SI could make you answer questions like press interviews to see if you pass or fail a test, after learning. If you pass, your respective stats may rise by a point, if you fail they remain the same or go down. These stats could also rise and fall through in game events. Have the best defensive record or clean sheet numbers, your defensive stat would rise. Score most goals over a season, Attack stats will rise by 1 or 2. These stats will rise and fall over your career helping you train talent for better or worse. Motivation stat could rise over time the better you are at giving team talks and squad interaction. Discipline stat could rise if you are better at squad interaction and dishing out punishment. Good at producing youth talent, then working with youngster and judging player potential ability stats will improve etc. So all of these stats show how effective your trainings are and how players and staff see you in the game. Max out your stats, you will be regarded as a world class coach and manager, more players will want to train under you regardless of your background or club currently managing. Got basic stats and are managing Man Utd with no other experience, then less players are going to want to sign for you etc. 3 - YOUTH ACADEMIES A lot of people have been asking for this, so here is my idea. At the moment youth academy and youth recruitment are a bit pointless, you have no control over them, apart of asking your board to improve them. Instead of having 15/16 year old players magically appear in your under 18 squad once a year. Your youth academy (if you have one) has under 12, under 14 and under 16 squads. So your regens come into your academy at age 10/11 say. Which along with the TRAINING mentioned in point 1 are fully customisable. Do you want to copy Barcelona or Ajax’s youth system focusing on ball control, technique, acceleration and agility etc. Or do you want to produce physically excellent powerhouses through your academy like the premier league of old. Now you can play the short or long game in producing youth its fully up to you. You could have a more hands on or hands off approach in producing teams of the future I feel that this would add more realism to the game making your head of youth development work a lot harder for his wage. They could be set up as the under 18 squad is now playing leagues and friendlies every week or so. Gaining match experience domestically or by being selected for national youth squads and play in the under 14 EURO’s for example. Giving your scouts far more options to look at for the future. Think you’ve found a 13 year old Messi, can you nurture him enough and not burn him out before offering him a spot in the under 18 youth squad or a full time contract. This might in tow then have to look at a CA and PA rethink by SI. PA should be relative not completely capped at a certain level. One time i had an age 17 wonder kid, great stats across the board. Got him to join me at my club with top training and youth facilities. Turned him into a model professional at 18 and by age 20 he had barely changed stats wise. So i used a scout tool to see what was up, he had maxed himself out at age 20 with 120 CA. Now I know this can happen in real life, but surely if i turned him into a Model Pro he could of improved further than 120 CA. CA should still be hidden but relative and flexable not completely fixed. As at current your player can fail or succeed to reach his max PA but surely some can improve beyond their max PA. For example Pirlo IRL has got better with age bettering his PA say in previous versions of FM. when he was at his “peak” at age 28?
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