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  1. Yeah, I was commenting on the goal.com team. If it's only for that match it's obviously correct to have Robben in there.
  2. It's a bit weird they've got Robben in there... He had one match as a sub (where he did play well) and one match as a starter (where he also played well) but I would expect he should have played more to be in a Dream Team.
  3. Van der Wiel is not playing, Boulahrouz will play for him. There's some doubt about whether or not De Jong will be playing. If he doesn't play, De Zeeuw will take his place. Van Persie will most likely play, I expect Robben to come in for him later in the match which will see Kuyt moving to the ST position and Robben on the right.
  4. As far as I know you can't adjust your budgets if you haven't used one of them fully. So, if your within your wage budget and you still have a transfer budget you can't actually adjust your budgets.
  5. Those are the old rules, Japanese stick-game.
  6. In addition to skorp: The real life rules state that teams placed 5 and 8 play each other, as well as teams 6 and 7 for a spot in the play-off final. The winner of this play-off qualifies for the UEFA CUP/Euroleague thingy as well. Same goes for the cup winner and the loser of the cup-final if the cup winner is a team placed in the top 4. Very clear...
  7. You can't go on holiday in the demo.
  8. Are you playing the Demo?
  9. She's right you know...
  10. Do you have a DVD-player? Or just a CD-drive?
  11. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=60961 That should work
  12. I'd say it's indeed unlikely to draw a premiership team when you are managing in the Romanian 3rd league. However, I personally think they should look at new nations before expanding on leagues in already playable countries.
  13. The current one. January 2036, managing FC Sète 34 in Ligue 2 Orange.