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  1. Hi Michael, Great Mods. I have already been using your match review mod, now i would like to add this mod. Iv extracted the match in between mod and moved it into the skins folder? Does it go there or just in the fm folder as with match review mod. If so can they share the same panels folder? Im using default skin dark Dont wont to move something and kill my game, thanks
  2. 1st off puntboy82, keep doing what you do, play it how you want too. Back in the day me and my brother would discuss what players we would steal while the game was setting up. I made my peace with "cheating" years ago. One thing that pushed me over the edge was having a bid rejected only to see another team sign the player for half the price a couple of days later.......Infuriating! Now i love the editors, pre game and ingame, its one of THE most important features to me. The very first thing i do, in Every new Fm is change work permits. To me buyin, say a Brazilain 17 year old or a 26 year old non league Korean and letting them flourish in the championship or lower league is how i play my game... always. It works both ways as both me and the AI benefit from this. It makes for such an exciting game. Some call it cheating, i do not. To me im tailoring my game to how i like it. Once again i think this steams from an old Man U, Fabio/Rafael, issue I had about work permits...Whats good for one and all that! My addiction tho is youth intake day. I should work for the research team the amount of time i spend reloading intake day! (seriously weekends) Sometimes im not even happy with one gem and reload untill i get 2 or 3 (believe me its possible). And the saves.....one with a keeper, one with the new "whoever" i just carnt stop. I sometimes jack up the rep of teams i dont manage just to see who THEY intake.......its relentless But the Gems.....Wow, there always worth the wait. My biggest problem then, is which save to continue with. If only there was an editor to put all my regens from all my saves into one save! Once again Cheating? Sure. But its what i love about FM and all its previous installments. You really can tailor each game to make it totally individual. P.S Never take my editors away
  3. My first thoughts. Penalties seem a bit off to me to since update. Iv been awarded 5 in 6 games, and Kane has had 4 saved. Feels like im playing set piece manager more than football manager but just part and parcel i guess? Noticed CMs scoring a bit more. Ali had 1 in 10 before patch but now has 8 in 20, Eriksen and Dembele score more too. ATT FBs seem way to important, but maybe down to certain tactics. Tactics seem like a bit of a minefield, even for someone who knows there way around a tactic a little. Found myself in recent fms using tactics the game wants me to use to win, rather that tactics i want to use.....if that makes any sense. For instance FBs attacking is not something tactically i would usually use, but seem very important to a winning tactic in this fm,or update IMO Bad back passes from CBs to GKs, are rife, some are closer to the corner flag? And its in every game. Surley a problem there? Not the worst update iv had but still a few tweaks needed imo
  4. Iv recently created a database where iv put Bromley in the premier league, sugar daddy, ibrahimovic, ect. All took effect in game Iv changed the club colours in editor, which has taken effect in game, but i also changed the home and away kits but for some reason they have not changed ingame. The icons and colours in 2d have changed Have i missed something/done something wrong? I have a downloaded a prem kit pack, could that be an issue/clashing problem. Its not a game breaker but after all the time i spent editing, i would like to get it to take effect. Any help would be great, thanks
  5. Feb 1st embargo lifted. Thanks people. Was just getting ahead of myself
  6. Thats fine with me. Just wanted to make sure it wasnt glitching out. It gave me a new budget and i wanted to start splashing it around
  7. Thanks i will do. i think i got a message when they took over saying i would get lifted but carnt go far enough back in messages to see
  8. Had a transfer embargo placed on me during board takeover. New chairman took over on the 11th nov. Its now 29th Jan and i still carnt sign any players. Is this normal? Seen a few posts and a lot of people just wait it out but i seems to be sorted after a month. Would be grateful for any help
  9. Will do Gonna try and select the striker myself to see if that works
  10. Just had a look and he has done it for the last 4 game, but dont know why has he started doing it 6 games into the start of the season
  11. In my last U21s game my keeper played as a lone striker. I won 3-0, and he scored 2! Trouble is i dont want him to play there all the time. Other issues for me are, Why did my assistant choose to play my keeper upfront (i play lone striker) when i had a fully fit stirker This Striker was top goalscorer last season, my assistant started him on the bench. Then at half time took the keeper off(who scored 2) and brought the striker on. He took off the only player who had scored. Is this normal? Anyone else had this?
  12. I very much doubt it. Iv been having some tactical meltdowns lately. And it was in 2 diff seasons. 1st season 4-4-2, 2nd 4-3-2-1
  13. Glad you carried on. Hopefully with alt saves this time
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