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  1. Hi Michael, Great Mods. I have already been using your match review mod, now i would like to add this mod. Iv extracted the match in between mod and moved it into the skins folder? Does it go there or just in the fm folder as with match review mod. If so can they share the same panels folder? Im using default skin dark Dont wont to move something and kill my game, thanks
  2. My first thoughts. Penalties seem a bit off to me to since update. Iv been awarded 5 in 6 games, and Kane has had 4 saved. Feels like im playing set piece manager more than football manager but just part and parcel i guess? Noticed CMs scoring a bit more. Ali had 1 in 10 before patch but now has 8 in 20, Eriksen and Dembele score more too. ATT FBs seem way to important, but maybe down to certain tactics. Tactics seem like a bit of a minefield, even for someone who knows there way around a tactic a little. Found myself in recent fms using tactics the game wants me to us
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