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  1. I have a personal use skin that I've been messing with, I can't seem to put the "menu options" like in the EVO skin has them originally, as it's shown in the first screenshot. Tried to play with the client object browser.xml and with the titlebar.xml without any luck Was wondering if anyone could help me sorting this out, or point me where I should be changing things because I can't figure it out without the game crashing or causing some visual errors lol I can provide the files if needed. Thanks!
  2. Man, congrats for the skin! It just looks amazing! Made slight changes for myself, like the font, the tactics screen and the in-match scoreboard. Was wondering if something like this is possible, been searching and trying myself without any luck. I think it would be an improvement and just make the skin perfect, to be able to put the club kit and/or logo where de red square is and changing the font in yellow to this "signature" like thing
  3. Nearly perfect! Only one thing missing in my opinion. Attribute changes in the player profile panel please
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