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  1. Benfica, retake the throne with a youth only save (João Felix, Gedson, Florentino... ) Newcastle, to make Ashley splash the cash Koln and Hamburg Ajax and RC Lens, another youth saves Parma should be quite a challenge too
  2. Hello Was Just finishing a game when i há a penalty in 92nd minute. Then, the game continues do play, and the penalty is not taken or is missed (without appearing that moment on the game). The game finishes, i do the palestra and then this happens (attachment). I cantora move the little box in the Middle, but cant do nothing more. Had to close the game with the task panel.
  3. Just started a save with Valencia with the winter update since last year i had some fun with them (winning all in 4/5 seasons, plus producing 1 world class playmaker from the academy), and because all of us know the deep financial problems that they're into. First objetive, control the FFP requirements for the european competitions. Well, that being said, i started by looking at the salaries... and what the ****? Nani earning 900k a month?? Enzo and Abdennour on a 400k/month?? Financially traumatic this first looks... Let's get some of them off, and start scouting for some young prospects. I'll be posting updates soon!
  4. Just started this challenge with the small database file in the first/second post, and this is by far the hardest challenge i've had on fm. The goal is to get the team as quickly as possible to serie a + champions league football to improve the facilities and produce the best youngsters we can. At a nacional level, trying to not get humiliated every game. For now i'm very happy to get 2 goals against Norway, in a 4-2 lose in the second official game with the team. I'll post some updates every season
  5. Amazing save you've done! Awesome read! Hope you find the path to european glory!
  6. Finished 4th in 2nd season, and beat Fylde and Solihull to promotion The final was epic (Sorry for the portuguese in the screen, too lazy to change the language )
  7. Finished the first season in 6th place, one shy from the playoffs. The team is limited but with the right signings it's possible to get promoted at the end of first season. Biggest surprises: Norton and Greaves dos great combining for 30+ goals up fronteira, plus Wolf was the best player by far, when fit. Tom brown was a beast at the midlefield, at the defensive end and was class when starting the plays in front of the defenders. Value tip: in march, the youth intake is usually good, take advantage of it. Now i have 3 players from the youth in the first team, with potencial for league 1/2
  8. This is the crash dump message that appears
  9. I reinstalled the game. Everything worked fine, till I erased the foldes needed to unlock Germany. I normally play in steam offline mode, and when I play with the steam online, this happens the first time, but then, i open the game again and it doesn't happen. When a reboot the pc, it happens again. There's some way to fix this?
  10. Yes, I have Avast AntiVirus, and no, I haven't reinstallled the game. Maybe i'l try to do that
  11. Hey, i have a little problem with my fm. When i'm playing in a save, and load another one, the game crashes. And when i try to start a new save, it crashes too. Never happened before, and i've been playing since the game came out
  12. Nation: Germany Division: 2. Bundesliga, 3. Liga European Competition: None Media Prediction: Not favourites to win promotion Board Expectation(s): Mid table/bottom Transfer Budget: Short or none Wage Budget: Same Finances: Preferably not a 'fallen giant' or 'hidden gem' - looking to build from the ground up.
  13. The two perform great at championship sides, never tried in Premier... I bought sterling in my first season and is playing well when ben arfa is out.
  14. Very good one fellow tuga! I was using one tactic really really close to this one but not working, now i saw yours, tried and love it, finally i can get ball as i want every match. One or two changes in the defense and it's perfect
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