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  1. There has been a lot of issues with this game, its not that stable on mac generally i feel.
  2. yeah same here, i think a few of us are experiencing the same issue. Hopefully Is rectify the issue this week.
  3. The downgrade of Morata's stats are a disgrace! whoever decided that needs sacking.
  4. This game is pretty poor on my MacBook pro 2014 model. Its sooooo slow processing the game which is so frustrating and it drains the battery and makes it overheat constantly. Also the update has made the game unplayable.
  5. 1 second, it feels like more than that to me, i know exactly what your on about, the game is so slow and delayed, like its lagging behind, its so frustrating and annoying to play.
  6. no i haven't contacted anyone else yet, i thought some one might know in these forums and they probably do.
  7. it didn't work, i have tried a few different things now and still no luck, very annoying and seems to be a big error for this to happen with no solution.
  8. Hi i deleted football manager from steam and reinstalled it and now i can't select divisions to play in nations, the screen is just blank after i continue from selecting a nation to play in, very strange, i have never seen this before any help? i deleted and installed again since and it has made no difference. i would appreciate any suggestions.
  9. ive got an acer i5 and have had the same problem.
  10. it's good news for Argentina to still be producing good young players.
  11. what a find this lad is, anyone seen anything of him in real life? Half argentine also ey, the new Gonzalo Higuain?
  12. Looks like he is going to be a top player, move to england or italy in a few years i would imagine.
  13. well you would think anyone with a brain would open up FM and type his name in and have a look themselves.
  14. Mauro Icardi - Sampdoria striker from barcelona's academy, born in Argentina but it is also eligible for Spain and Italy is supposed to be a brilliant prospect with napoli offering big money in january for his signature but he is not on the normal database of the game. He is one to watch for the future, and he has a decision to make in terms of which nation he chooses to represent.
  15. vico has always been on my large database for the game and it he certainly is again on the new update.
  16. i know martin palermo missed 3 penalties in the same game a while ago in real life.
  17. what annoys about the January update over the years is players that are still injured for like 6-7 months at the beginning of the season, when in real life they are now fit. the game tries to be as accurate as possible which is great and understandable in some areas but leaves other stuff out so why not just makes all players fully fit by the time the jan update is out.
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