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  1. Hi, guys. As the title says: when you go into the screen "team meeting" and you just leave this screen again without holding a team speech then the morale of each player gets a lot lower (immediately after leaving this screen). If you need a save game before and/or after this issue let me know. Cheers Jumano
  2. It's the first season (2019/2020). The problem is not the real fixtures. The problem/the bug is the days and the time when the teams play. Bundesliga in reality (I don't mention the 6 games on monday, that will be removed starting in season 2020/2021): Friday: 1 game (NEVER 2) Saturday: 4 or 5 games at 15:30 and just ONE game at 18:30 (never two games at 18:30) Sunday: 2 or 3 games (depends on UEFA Europe League) And in vanilla version in FM 20 (no editor files, no kits etc.) there are two games on friday and two games on saturday 18:30 (beginning at match day 2). Thats's the point. EDIT: I uploaded a save game into the cloud (name is: Schedule Bug - Bundesliga) Friday, 23. August (2 games on friday) Saturday, 24. August (2 games at 18:30)
  3. Hi guys, in FM20 in the Bundesliga (beginning at match day 2) there are two matches on friday and two matches on saturday 18:30 o'clock (2019/2020). The real rule is just one match on friday and just one match on saturday 18:30 o'clock (the game at this time on saturday is the "match of the week"). One other mistake: Only at match day 33 and 34 all Bundesliga clubs play on saturday (real rule). In FM all the Clubs in the Bundesliga also play at match day 32 on saturday (this is wrong). Please let me know if you need a save game, when you can't reproduce it. Cheers Jumano
  4. Hi, Christopher. Of course, here you are. File-Name: Jumano Prince – Eintracht Frankfurt TEST.fm Best regards Jumano
  5. Hi, guys. As the title says, the squadview (-> all players) doesn't save any individual changes. When you leave this screen and you go back it loads the "general info" by itself. I saved my changes at first and gave it a name (export), then I imported it. But it goes back to "general infos" when you leave this screen. This bug exists only at this view because I checked all the other ones and it works fine as it should work. Tested with Base Skin Dark. If you need further informations contact me. Best regards Jumano
  6. Hi, guys. In the Bundesliga schedule is a mistake. Since round 2 there are almost always two games at friday but in real life Bundesliga there is always just one game at friday. Best regards Jumano
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