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  1. Could you please explain also "Attacking width" and "Focus Play"? What setting of them with what style of play will work in harmony? Thanks in advance.
  2. Sorry, i'm still confused. Lets take some example. I have two option. Option 1: League: Level 2. Mode: Playable. Option 2: League: Level 2. Mode: Playable/View-only-below In what case Level 3 will be simulated better?:)
  3. So, it doesnt matter what Tier i will choose in "Playable" Nation? All Tiers will be simulated on the same high level?
  4. Hi Daveincid, honestly, i read your guide and didnt found answer on my question:) You are speaking about "Nation view only", "Nation playable" and "Nation playable + full detail", but my question is about "Playable/VIew-Only Below". I just didnt understand, if i choose for example Tier 2 League in nation, what will be difference in simulation (foremost transfers) on tiers 3 and lower in cases when i choose "Playable" or i choose "Playable/VIew-Only Below". I have this question, because it looks like that "VIew-Only Below" will have more details in simulation, because it at least mentions
  5. I'm pretty sure, this topic is already discussed a lot times, but i'm still confused. Do i understanding right, that "Playable/View-Only Below" has more simulation details than just "playable", because "playable" doesn't include Leagues lower than chosen one. So, if i choose Championship in England and choose "Playable" level, what simulation level will have League 1 and further in comparison with "Playable/View-Only Below"? Thanks in advance
  6. Could you please explain a little why tight marking TI makes no much sense in possession style football? And why it doesnt suit to 433?
  7. Could someone, please, explain a little bit, how to identify roles, that are providing a cover? Avoiding advice "whatch the game", because i can identify difference between roles, only when i already know what pay attention for. Thanks:)
  8. Hi @Experienced Defender, could you please explain, why AP on attack duty are not very suitable for possession-oriented tactic? I suppose it is because of two risky PI at the same time - take more risk and driblle more. Am i right? If no, hot to define what tactic type role is suitable for? Maybe you can give more example? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello everyone. Tell me please, are long balls (i'm not sure how it call in english. i mean a passes over heads) risky or not? Another words, when i set "more risky passes", increase it amount of long balls over defenders head?
  10. Hello everyone. Could someone explain, why it is recommend to increase a number of attacking duties after increasing strategy? I mean, is increasing of individual mentality, because of more attacking strategy, not enough?
  11. Hello everyone, how strong is effect of tactic familiarity? If it is strong, what issues it provide? I mean, i play bad, my tactic familiarity is not fluid. To what problem in game i could temporary close eyes, because it will fixed, when familiarity become fluid?
  12. Hello everyone. What tactical familiarity has opposition in friendly games in very first season?
  13. I thought having very fluid shape with be more expressive ti requires geniuses in squad.
  14. Thats what i mean:) If we play counter attack mentality we should just holding a shape, without too complicate for us closing down or possession. Another words, when you looking penetration possibilities or trying to provide intelligent closing down, you need good decision. Low mentality save you from this. What do you mean when talking about playing style if you don't mean mentality:) I red your Tactician's Handbook and think that fast transition in attack and containment in defense suit well, but i thought it is all about counter attacking mentality:) Where i am wrong?
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