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  1. I've been playing and enjoying FMC since release, but became frustrated today when I wanted to start a new career game with a made-up club. This can't be done it seems. I'd like to see the option to use the editor to edit the database it uses, like you can with the full version. Other than that though, I love it. oh, and for some reason, Harrogate didn't get any youth players in the first season, even though I edited them (using a saved game editor) to have top training & youth facilities. (I want to build a team home grown youth talent, hence my frustration at not being able to add a brand new club etc).
  2. Surely in real life, you don't know your competitors for a job? Why should you in FM?
  3. Am currently in 2019 with Man Utd, after being to a few clubs in a few countries. Arsenal are totally dominant in England, so trying to stop them. Haven't touched FM2009 yet.
  4. I just wanted to sound my appreciation to Kimz for this tactic. I find it consistent, and with the right players, exceptional. I've been on a career journey over a few seasons, starting at Farsley, and then on to Portsmouth, Arsenal, Palermo, Athletico Madrid, Inter and currently Barcelona. I haven't blitzed the competions, but I've picked up an English League Cup (Portsmouth), Premier League & Champions League double (Arsenal), Italian Cup (Inter), and currently unbeaten since taking over a poorly performing Barcelona. I'm confident of a Spanish title this season. All the above spans, 9 seasons. My 3 seasons at inter, I finished 2nd to Roma, who were amazingly good, 3 times. My fault was not replacing the keeper. At Barcelona, I have a very strong squad, after an 80million pound spending spree. The tactic has breathed new life into my FM career, and for that I thank you sir....
  5. I'm using version 4 of this , and it has transformed my fortunes. I used Bluntblade for 3 season with Spurs, and with tweeks to my playing personel, improved each season, to finished 2nd in season 3 (10 points ahead of 3rd placed Chelski). I then got the ManU job, and kept the same tactic for the first half of the season. I did reasonably well with it, but was drawing an awful lot of games. So, I switched to v4 of this tactic for the 2nd half of the season, and only drew 2 games, going on a good unbeaten run, and finishing 2nd behind chelsea, who I just couldn't catch. I also won the Euro cup. Now, in my 2nd season at United, I am 7 points clear at christmas, with only 1 defeat and 4 draws, and very confident I will collect my first title.
  6. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by neilez2: I was struggling in my 5th season in Brasil and all of a sudden I'm humping teams. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Pervert.
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