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  1. 1) Possibility to show each player name on the pitch, even without the ball (right now it is only possible to turn on showing individual name and when in possession). It should be possible to turn it on for: every team, my team and opposite team. Hope what I wrote makes sense :- 2) More interaction with stadium and facilities.
  2. Dunno. If by "old db" you mean the very first one, then I confess that I play this save from the beta, so I doubt there is any older db...
  3. With all due respect, in my FC Eindhoven save everything was correct. I won promotion in the first season through playoffs and neither Ajax nor PSV jouth team (or any other) qualified for participation in the playoffs.
  4. I have it on. Still the only way to see players names when they are off-ball is to click on them. Unless I'm doing something wrong.
  5. During a match, I like to see players names on top of their heads (especially of my own team, if I'm new to the club and don't know the players very well). But to do so, I have to manually click+ctrl every one of the players. Plus it has to be done every game and what's worse, any random click on the pitch erases the names, so the whole process has to be repeated again. I would really like to have a button (or an option) to automatically set players names (for only own team and both teams) visible during a game. Please make it so.
  6. Sc.ew instability I only really want for my deep lying forward on support to play like one, not like an AF on attack duty. And my Libero on support not to behave like a regular defender on defend duty. And my fullbacks not to wait with a cross for an opponent to come close just to try to break their legs with the ball. All all of the ninja-style slide tackles from the rear to finally stop or become awarded with red cards. And my centerback set on defend with shorter passing and less risk not to try play Xavi-like hoof through balls all the time.
  7. Out of curiosity - what's the timespan between a patch issued exclusively for a public beta gamers and the same patch given to other gamers?
  8. I'm managing FC Eindhoven (first season in 2. dutch division, so hardly any quality players) but if I recall correctly, for about 5-7 penalties I've been granted this season (plus like 2-3 ruled against me) I'm yet to see a missed one.
  9. You've purchased FM18, never actually installed it and still chosed to purchase FM19, which you probably won't be installing either. Man, you are crazy.
  10. Weird thing: my ass man organized foreign training camp during the very first preseason. I didn't get the notice to select players for that camp.Fine. I played the first match and right after that some of the players were uhnappy, complaining that I didn't select them for the camp. The thing is, nobody asked me to do it. But what's MOST important - all of them unhappy players happened to play in that particular match. Which means the game somehow selected them for the camp by itself. I mean WTF?
  11. I'm pretty sure that Gegenpressing would be go-to tactic for 90% of players. I can almost see the "I chosed gegenpress but my team still loses!!1" steamreview.
  12. Reading about training system in the upcoming FM19, I stumbled upon an idea - don't know if it's correct one. In real life players learn technique (or using FMish semantics - technical attributes) in their junior years. I mean, mostly - player still can learn trick or two at an older age, learn to take a free kick or just pass the ball better, but overall he won't be able to become drastically technically gifted at 24-26, if he's hasn't learned it at 16-18. So wouldn't it be correct to create in FM a training system that would focus on technicall attributes in junior years. Thus players would progress technically mostly in junior team and mainly due to the training, not the playing time in the first squad. And in the senior years, players should mostly focus on their match preparations. Regarding to this, the staff should change accordingly - the junior coaches should focus on improving every attributes (shaping playes in general), but senior coaches should mainly focus on match fitness and match preparations. I don't know if I made myself clear. What I tried to say is that nowadays (and by nowadays I mean FM16, the last that I've played) we have generally identical sets of coaches and resposibilities for both juniors and seniors, whereas in real life different junior years require different approach, different points of emphasis in training. Maybe the new training module that is to be introduced in FM19 will steer in that direction? Just a thought
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