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  1. Mac OS X - is that the information you asked for? Or should it be more spesific?
  2. Dont expect fast answers in this thread, aspesially regarding Mac Seems like the SI-guys dont bother or dont know anytning about it. But I can help you I think. Just install the patch to "Programs (its probably not the right name in english)/ Sports Interactive/ FM 2009" In other words.... dont install the file into the data-folder etc.
  3. Im just amazed over the lack of support in this thread
  4. Ok, then... did the only thing I could do; downloaded 9.1.0 again and continued with my old save. This patch works just fine, so dont tell me that Im the one doing something wrong here, SIgames mods. And your silence to my question back up my opinion on the case. I hope you make a better patch for Mac next time. If not, my 11 years of CM/ FM-player may come to an end
  5. No one here that can help me with this problem? I had same problem with the 9.2.0 patch btw. The game is just not playable because of this.
  6. I have just reinstalled FM, and deleted the cache. Then I installed the patch. Dont know how to put this in english; The match-view (both 2d and 3d) is very "jumping". I didnt have this problem while playing with the 9.1.0 patch. I have a Macbook btw. Is there any solution for this problem? I dont wanna go back to the old patch.