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  1. pezza96

    [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    This save is totally unrealistic!, Coventry would never finish in the top 3 of a division ;), joking aside class read so far, KUTGW
  2. pezza96

    Coalition of Chaos - (UK Politics under Minority May)

    Not only that but using smears such as this against Corbyn they actually endanger his life, The Finsbury Park Mosque attacker originally wanted to attack Corbyn and Sadiq Khan on the basis of them being 'terrorist sympathisers'
  3. Just read all of this in one sitting, loving it so far,great idea, plus some of my family originates from brescia which makes this even more fun to read
  4. pezza96

    [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    ee aye ee aye oh, up the football league we go..
  5. pezza96

    [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    Their owner, to put it bluntly is a t**t, players on stupid wages for the level, basically the antithesis of what non league football should be about, this probably explains it better than I have https://thekingstonroadend.wordpress.com/2017/08/14/billericay-town-a/
  6. Wait for my next thread, surrealist european competition win 😉
  7. Just as a disclaimer i was using 4-4-2 lol, I agree with unrealistic results being as a result of teams conceding space tho, a few games after i played wolves who went 3-4-3 with the 4 being flat across the middle, naturally we battered them down the flanks and were 8-0 up at Ht, winning 9-1 in the end, this season nobody wants to grant me that space and im 15th in the prem
  8. Im managing orient, 2026 europa league,
  9. What result have you had on fm that you could just not comprehend happening irl, I'll start with mine
  10. Okay so following the advice I decided to change things up for my home game against Reading, this is what we normally rock with However for the Reading game i decided to use this The thinking here was that my wide midfielders will occupy fairly central positions and this will allow the wing backs to bomb on creating overloads, did it work? Well it was definitely an improvement, we won the game 3-2 however after going 1-0 down after a few minutes I decided to switch mentality to counter and as you can see we created a fair few chances, however 2 of our ccc's were a penalty and a header from a set piece, so can't read too much from them, overall though we created way more chances than we normally do at home this season so it seems we may have turned a corner. Another positive, despite lining up in 4-3-3 dm-wide, Reading were by no means expansive and sat quite deep all game which makes our victory all the more pleasing
  11. Cheers :), I have tried control and attacking at home but they dont seem to yield much success, I am up to 3rd after yet another away win so maybe im perhaps being a bit too optimistic hoping we can replicate our away form at home
  12. Cheers, will take this into account am thinking of having changing my winger to a wm cutting inside and the wm to a wp hoping to get the full backs to bomb on for the width and having the widemen go into the middle seeing as most teams play a very conservative 4-4-2 against us, what do you think about changing the role of the poacher seeing as that role hasnt been getting many goals at home, it looks like theres no space behind defences for him
  13. Hi all, I am currently in my 7th season with Leyton Orient and I am currently sitting 5th in the Championship, given my rather woeful record on this FM this would normally be cause for celebration, however one thing is bugging me and that is the disparity between my home and away form, at home we are currently 5-5-4 (must be noted that we missed 2 penalties in 2 of these draws) whereas away from home we are 9-2-1 so clearly what works for us away does not work at home. My system is as follows; sk-d fb-a cb-d cb-d fb-s wm-s cm-d cm-s w-a f9, p Shape is Flexible and Mentality Standard, ti's prevent short gk distribution and close down more pi's, cut inside on the wm and more direct and risky passes and hold position on the cm-s From what ive watched away from home the opposition seem to concede a lot of space in behind and out wide which we are able to exploit whereas at home this does not happen, however the squad itself is very much geared towards a 4-4-2 set-up, would appreciate any advice on how i can break teams down at home, will post screenshots tommorow when I have access to fm
  14. Derek Docherty looks like he may have starred in a few dodgy films back in the 70's/80's. joking aside have you found that travel costs are making a huge dent in your finances yet due to the big distances for most away games