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  1. I have recently started a save and have a skin with the IR button. My question is, does this yield better results than playing games as normal ive not kept a record but i seem to get much better results when IRing. Wanted to know if people have experienced similar
  2. Loving this thread, always been a big fan of the northern irish leagues on fm. Im a season in with cliftonville but am tempted to start with portadown/glentoran
  3. Have been thinking about long term saves to last until fm21 and was toying with the idea of a build a nation type save in new zealand. However does the lack of dynamic league reputation in new zealand make this not feasible e.g. will the club always stay semi pro etc? Also are the wellington phoenix still hardcoded to never play continental football
  4. Do you know if there is any way i can change this in game, as i dont want to carry on when i won the title
  5. Im afraid i do not (a mistake on my part or else id have just replayed the final) in season 1 i also won both stages and there was no play off, however i drew and won the 2 legged final so i guess the issue didnt occur
  6. Do you think this will be fixable, or would you recommend starting a new save?
  7. I have uploaded the file (alexismontes.fmf) to the cloud server
  8. Unfortunately not id taken autosave off so i only have a save file the day after the play off final second leg
  9. Hi i have also had the same happen to me. Won the opening and closing stage in both seasons and had to play a play off. In the second season i lost the first leg 1-0 but won the second leg 2-0 and my opponents were declared champions?? No third game at a neutral venue, just them as champions. Any idea on how i can fix this as altho the board havent sacked me its pretty game breaking for me
  10. Hi I am playing in the peruvian league, the championship play off final is played over 2 legs, however it is decided by points rather than aggregate. I won the second leg 2-0 after losing the first leg 1-0 and apparently that means my opponents win the league, wtaf!!! I am so frustrated as this has basically derailed a save ive put hours into.
  11. Excellent read. Ive always wanted to implement defensive tactics on fm but my success with this often seems to by luck rather than design. Its also nice to see a refreshing change from the high press/ high possession tactics that dominate football both irl and virtually
  12. Indeed, it is very situational. http://www.soccer-ireland.com/irish-soccer-managers/jack-charlton-football-style.htm https://www.irishexaminer.com/sport/soccer/miguel-delaneyjack-charltons-long-ball-was-also-long-sighted-340051.html These two articles offer a very interesting take on a more aggressive version of long-ball
  13. Some sound advice, cheers. I often end up getting caught in between wanting a Pulis style longball and a Charlton/Taylor/Beck style (I have had success with the latter on previous fms) The pulis variant is much harder to perfect imo, especially as when he was at stoke we played very differently depending on opposition and whether we were home/away
  14. Cheers, if you were looking to recreate a longball style yourself what mentality would you use? Do you think long term it could be successful in game
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