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  1. Derek Docherty looks like he may have starred in a few dodgy films back in the 70's/80's. joking aside have you found that travel costs are making a huge dent in your finances yet due to the big distances for most away games
  2. Quality thread, defo enlightened me in regards to stuff such as coach reports which I don't think I've ever paid attention to, your sevilla 4-4-2 reminded me a little of this http://www.zonalmarking.net/2010/01/13/teams-of-the-decade-20-sevilla-2005-07/,
  3. American Football

    Quality thread, defo given me a new perspective on fm, given the amount of detail you go into and the way you react to opposition tactics do you find that it takes you a long time to complete a season, also what do you feel would be the best way for the ai to approach a match against you, and is there a particular system/style you struggle against?
  4. A Tale of Greed - The Slavia Sofia Story

    Just read this in one sitting (like a few others it seems), quality progress so far especially doing well in Europe as early as you did, youve inspired me to do a similar save with botev plovdiv, tactics wise have you noticed teams in the league using similar systems as each other (4-4-2 etc) and have there been many quality prospects from other bulgarian teams?
  5. Good luck with this, I'm currently doing club and country with the Solomon Islands so have the challenge of overtaking new Zealand at international and club level, will defo be a challenge for you as I don't really see many quality new Zealand regens on my saves
  6. Every Country? Are You Nuts?

    I'd say Italy, just across the border from austria
  7. recently finished 3rd with portadown in the NIPL, this resulted in us going into the play-offs for the europa league as cliftonville who won the cup, did not get top 2 meaning they got the second spot, in the play-off we lost the semi final however the game says I have qualified for europe, league rules: league table: european play-off:
  8. great start , how is the Nt getting on, still rubbish i presume
  9. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    not bad, I thought i didnt recognise some of the names, any chance of an SS of some of your best ones?
  10. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    how many regens are in your nt?
  11. Yeah this is the first one I've had on this save, I've tried holidaying deleting all downloaded graphics, reinstalled fm etc nothin seems to work
  12. Hey, just checking if anybody has encountered crash dumps with db (not an accusation just a question lol) as I'm in my second season with Clapton and keep on encountering a crash dump on the same day, anyone know how to fix this if theyve encountered the same problem
  13. http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/news/features/talking-tactics-how-tony-pulis-plotted-crystal-palace-barclays-premier-league-survival.html some things that may be useful
  14. yeah for FM i would work towards using two out and out wingers cause thats when we played our best football under Pulis
  15. fellow Stoke fan here, I'd suggest that Fuller was more of a CF-A myself, but anyways Pulis would indeed set up deep most games and our back four was always extremely narrow (sit narrower for fb's perhaps) we did like to press the opposition as they came into our half, however it was always very disciplined you'd rarely see a player make a silly lunge to win the ball