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  1. In regards to AMC this is very much a generalisation, ive had my AMC hit double figures in a 4-2-3-1 its all about creating space for him, the op tactic is fairly cautious with support and defend duties on the back 6, this is solid, but i imagine the ss would have to drop deep a lot to get the ball meaning hes not likely to be scoring
  2. 0Personally think Sven has an unfair rep amongst england fans, but there was no doubt he was quite rigid tactically, with everyone fit id have gone for, robinson neville ferdinand terry cole hargreaves beckham carrick lampard gerrard rooney, in a sort of 4-3-2-1.
  3. Thats a real shame, id started with hibs as their cbs kind of had the ppms for what i was looking to achieve, but like you say, after one game it was pretty clear that its not doable. Is there any ways you can create overloads in the ME, perhaps centrally by getting the 2 outer cbs to join the midfield, altho i suppose the obvious answer to achieve that is to use a libero
  4. Cleon did a thread with sheffield united last year and i think he said that you cant recreate their movement on the match engine, its certainly a joy to watch irl, although you werent at your best when you played us
  5. Being a stoke fan, i have naturally watched a lot more championship football this season. One thing that interests if sheff utd's use of 'overlapping centre backs' where one of the cbs will overlap the wing back and take up a position further up the pitch. So the question is, is this movement possible on fm and could it be achieved either by player ppm's or perhaps by asking the cbs to stay wider when we have the ball and asking the wb's to sit narrower hopefully to encourage overlaps
  6. The majority of my successful saves on fm have come using a 4-4-2, as long as you have an idea of how you want to play and players that suit it theres no reason why it cant, although as the previous posts alluded to it can be hard to get the midfield balance right
  7. Is there any way to work around this, because atm its fairly gamebreaking, having 30 players angry at you a week into a pre season is fairly hard to work around
  8. I tried something similar to what you mentioned in point 3 with helsingsborgs, weirdly the inspiration came after watching a documentary on Jack Charltons Ireland team, was set up like this; (flexible/attacking) TI's, close down much more, go route one, hit early crosses, clear ball to flanks, pass into space gk-d fb-s dcb dcb fb-s dw-s cm-d bwm-s dw-s df-s tm-a The aim was to turn the opposition as quickly as possible by putting it into the space behind the oppo full backs for the winger and df to chase, was brutally effective, won promotion in first season and then the league in my second season, unfortunately my save died as I tried to tinker with my approach, a rookie mistake. I defo think this approach can be effective however I made many signings prioritising work rate, height, strength and teamwork (I didnt have a player under 6ft) and i think without these I wouldnt have been successful as the tactic itself has quite a lot of flaws
  9. really interested in this, always tried to get a WTM working similar in a way to Norway under Egil Olsen in the 90's but never been successful with it, one thing i did find fairly potent tho was having a cf-a offset into the stcl slot, found he was able to run onto passes and flicks from the wtm much more successfully
  10. got a big squad for this level, facilities seem decent though, will be aiming to play a 3 at the back system
  11. Decided to give this a bash in Portugal as I've never really managed there before, chosen Lusitania Acores from the Azores Islands
  12. This save is totally unrealistic!, Coventry would never finish in the top 3 of a division ;), joking aside class read so far, KUTGW
  13. Just read all of this in one sitting, loving it so far,great idea, plus some of my family originates from brescia which makes this even more fun to read
  14. ee aye ee aye oh, up the football league we go..
  15. Their owner, to put it bluntly is a t**t, players on stupid wages for the level, basically the antithesis of what non league football should be about, this probably explains it better than I have https://thekingstonroadend.wordpress.com/2017/08/14/billericay-town-a/
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