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  1. bumping this for the release of a new version. any news concerning this? maybe its now in the game? or still "cant be done" thanks!
  2. thanks for teh reply. well, for a start, yo ucould at least try to implement it from day 1 of the game. Better than nothing also, its not really that much of a research to be done tbh, at least not for the teams in major 2/3 leagues in each country
  3. like every year im bumbing this thread to check if there are any changes in FM? so guys, did they implemented any of the features from the OP?
  4. yeh but only bcoz he was the top one at that time if yo uwould have a player who in the same season had 250 apps for the club and he would not play next season, he would be totally forgotten
  5. Thanks for reply Mike yeh but this is how its alwasy been. you also have a history page for the club where yo uhave top league goalscorer and top league apps player (all time) and this is what im looking for to be enhanced to top 5/10 etc so that more of our team stars get to be a part of the club history, lets say after 30 years yo ucan jsut see the list of top 10 players who played the most games in the league for your club. thats what would make the game fun for me again, bring my own youth to be club legends BUT to be actually noted somewhere not just per season but overall, so that i
  6. hey, so FM15 is out and i winder if i should buy it could anyone tell me if any of thse features are now in the game? top xx all time league apps for the club top xx all time league goalscorers etc. Thanks!
  7. it aall depends on the way SI could approach this for a start. Things like all time 10 top Premiershiip goalscorers is like , ESSENTIAL to have in a game that suppose to be the best simulation out there anyways, i really hope SI can start work on this, coz its one of the few features/things that actually adds to the depth of simulation and "recreating" the world and the feeling of it being "real", and that every little creature in this fake world can actually make an impact, wether its a national side or jsut a club in league 2. Even average player can become a hero in the game and leave his
  8. indeed. for majority of clubs you can actually jsut google it tbh. for smaller clubs less data is no problem i guess, plus if you could edit it with the editor, every supporter of smaller clubs is able to add it for his fav club and enjoy it in his game.
  9. Thanks Neil, really appreciate your answer. I hope You can find a solution that will make it happen someday, i know it would make my day for sure. top level league clubs research fro this shouldnt be a problem (1-3 tier), for other maybe jsut a script browsing through player and stuff carrer stats wher yo ualready have all teh data needed to crete such op 10. think even if it will miss some history players who are not in the DB, its stil lbetter than nothing, or maybe Editor option for people to be able edit the history on their own. maybe soem compromise, triggering it only while picking a
  10. Its not hard to implement, breaking player records is great, especially in longterm games, nothing better than having your regen getting 400 league apps for the club and (lets say) breaking into top 10 of all time, not to mention getting 600 and becoming number one. Same with goalscorers. I want to be able to see thse top 10 players with most apps for the club on one screen, so when im in 2040 i can still cherish on people who no longer play football,as well as with my own youth breaking in. it ads depth and connects to "reality". Many people are asking for this for years now. tbh its THE ON
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