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  1. Soon has passed, Matt. But seriously, I think FML could be hugely successful as a mobile game. 👍
  2. Hi guys, I havn't played Football Manager for a few years. I could never get back into it after playing Football Manager Live. What I was wondering is if the game now gives attributes to managers dependant on how good they are at coaching each position? For example; full-backs, defensive mids, number 8s, etc If we look back at Sir Alex Ferguson's career he was amazing at coaching some positions but not so much others. He didn't really excel with goalkeepers until the end of his career with DDG. Schmeichel and Van der Saar were ready made.He was absolutely amazing at coaching centre-backs (Bruce, Stam, Ferdinand, Vidic, etc). I think he did reasonably well with full-backs. I also think he really excelled in the number 6 & 8 positions. (Keane, Scholes, Carrick, etc). The players he failed with were no. 10s (Veron and Anderson). It goes without saying he was also ridiculously good at coaching wingers and strikers (Giggs, Beckham, Ronaldo, Solksjaer, Rooney, Van Nistelrooy,etc). So what is interesting is that managers are good at coaching some positions but not so good at others. Is this in the game or will it ever be added to the game? Thanks
  3. Seems like the ideal platform because input lag doesn't really matter.
  4. I find it a bit odd that they are releasing it on Vita when if they released it on Playstation Now we would get on Vita + PS3, PS4, Smartphones & Tablets. I understand the full game would be a bit of a stretch but the classic version could be played on these devices.
  5. Will there be a mode to start on the 1st of July? Some of us wouldn't have bought Fellaini.
  6. What do you mean is there any planned integration with PS Vita TV?
  7. You should try out Killzone Mercenary. It has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on both Amazon uk and us.
  8. The game had enormous potential but bad decisions by SI ruined the game. Never was a game so good executed so poorly. Lack of experience, I'm sure they'll get it right next time.
  9. "You will experience real life problems of the era, such as; players being called up to the army leaving you with a hole in your squad" Can you remove this feature please.
  10. Do it SI!... I miss that game so much. Make the necessary changes and bring it out.
  11. Thanks Kraiden, Can you remove leagues if you continue with your demo game?
  12. Can you play Classic mode with 1 league? Thanks (I have an old laptop and the demo experience was too slow for me with 3 leagues!)
  13. The game was 80% good. With the necessary changes it would be hugely successful.
  14. Because the game was mostly good and with the necessary changes it would be hugely successful.
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