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  1. A-League Expansion

    It's possible but it just takes a while as you have to make it so that each team owns the stadium they play in (this allows you to upgrade youth and training facilities) and then for each team to have a youth squad, you have to add them yourself on the details page for the individual clubs in the editor. There may be simpler ways to do this but I haven't figured them out yet but don't let that stop you from experimenting and trying to find a better solution.
  2. Good to see that STI are still in a position where they can qualify for the World Cup. What's not so good is that van Pieters is still injured and his career has hardly even started. Hopefully once he returns he can get some first team football out on loan somewhere although Arsenal really don't seem all that keen to let him go. When is Rufio van Pieters scheduled to return from injury DD?
  3. Not looking good for Rufio with that injury ruining any chance of first team football as well as severely denting his/my national team aspirations. I really think it's time he moved on and hopefully in game van Pieters realises this himself and makes some noise to either get some first team action or to get a transfer.
  4. Disappointing that Rufio didn't get much game time in those qualifiers but good to see STI qualifying comfortably. Big rivals game should be interesting although if form and class are anything to go by, then STI should win easily.
  5. Finally a start for van Pieters which was good to see and that, combined with the win to STI and NTI's loss, means that was pretty much a perfect round, if only I could have scored a goal or at least had a higher rating. KUTGW DD
  6. A-League Expansion

    Bleiberg rates him as the best in their squad in terms of those three things, and they have Minniecon, so the guy must be quick.
  7. Disappointing that van Pieters isn't getting much gametime in either the internationals or at Arsenal. I was hoping that the national team boss could at least given him some gametime in the 2nd game considering we started with a 3 goal advantage. Draw for the next round of qualifying is slightly harder although we should have 2nd spot in the bag and only USA should pose any threat.
  8. Can I ask who Rufio van Pieters is wanted by?
  9. Rufio van Pieters looking solid there but he really needs to get some more game time for Arsenal, otherwise he's no chance of winning back his starting spot in the STI first XI. A loan move would be nice although I did chose to start at a top club, so hopefully the chance to use their world class training facilities will compensate for the lack of first team football. Solid performance from the national team in the recent Gold Cup despite only 1 start for me and the odd appearance off the bench. Good to see Arsenal continuing their dominance domestically and hopefully once van Pieters breaks into the first team he'll win a few trophies at the same time.
  10. Not much happening for Rufio. He really could use a transfer or at least a loan to get some consistent first team football otherwise he'll never force his way back into the national team. Good to see Brendanio building a successful career as an assistant manager (I think) in New York and who knows, maybe he'll end up reuniting with one of his former clubs in Europe after not too long (there are quite a few of them).
  11. Rufio looks a much improved player and his stats, even if most are for the reserve team, still look great. Really good to see he got to play 3 games for the first team and managed an appearance in the Champions League at only 17 years old! Good to see he's still valued highly and now all Rufio needs to do is start playing for the national team again. Hopefully the disappointing draw against Singapore will give the manager a reason to make changes, not that anyone should ever need a reason to include van Pieters in the starting XI...
  12. Role Models: the signup

    Nighthawks not looking great, especially after the game picked us to finish first! Hopefully we can use the off season to buy a left back, central defender and another striker or two. I predict Northern Fire will win the title by beating my Nighthawks 3-1, with Witshire playing a 1-1 draw with Sheffield Cool. Down the other end of the table I don't think anything will change and Starbeck will go down.
  13. 3 appearances for Arsenal is a great achievement for Rufio at such a young and and it's great to see has maintained his status as the highest valued player across the 2 island nations. Would like to have played in all of the internationals and get past the group stage but with such a young team it was always going to be tough. At least we can take heart in knowing that our players got more international experience and exposure and most importantly, that we went further than NTI, not that that was ever in any doubt though.
  14. A-League Expansion

    If you want any info on player transfers for the A-League, this appears to be a fairly comprehensive article http://www.foxsports.com.au/story/0,8659,25461718-5000940,00.html
  15. Role Models: the signup

    Nighthawks squad looks decent but I don't think they can win the league unless they sign a few more players. 1. Who will win the league? Bermuda or Northern Fire 2. Who will go down? Frost Utd, Starbeck Utd and Joga Bonito Boys 3. How will the teams get on in Europe? They won't win any competitiona although I wouldn't be suprised to see them go past the group stages. 4. Will a Championship side win the Carling/FA Cup? Yes