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  1. A-League Western United: · State what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data. Club Vision 5 year ongoing is missing the new stadium build. Missing goalkeeping coach. · State what you think the data should be. End of Season 2021/22 15,000 capacity stadium to be completed in Tarneit (western suburb of Melbourne). Frank Juric is the goalkeeping coach at WUFC. · State reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements. This was one of the key reasons that Western United was accepted into the A-League. Some details can be found at WUFC website, https://areyouwithus.club/#the-stadium Unable to find official notice online, but listed as goalkeeping coach on the WUFC wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_United_FC#Coaching_staff
  2. Heya, I'm new to editing and I'm looking at recreating my local amateur league into the Australian system. Have the league, clubs, cities, stadiums, etc all working. Now the monumental task of creating players and staff for each team. I am trying to understand some of the figures though when creating players, such as what is the overall effect on a player by having a negative Potential Ability? Does this mean that the player will actually decrease in ability as time goes on, regardless of playing time, training, etc?
  3. To be fair, it doesn't make sense to start with no coaching licence and low past experience as a Top Flight manager. That seems more something for a LLM save.
  4. I love this idea, and wish to add my support for it. I honestly find it strange that in the Jobs section it lists all these other positions available, but you can only apply for Manager roles. While I understand that we can't play as a scout for example, to be able to take on the role of Under-18's Manager, Under-21's Manager, or the Assistant Manager would make some sense, especially if starting with the background of being a Sunday League Footballer and fairly young (my case early 30's, hell I could still be a player). Under-18's and 21's Manager is fairly obvious what your role would be. Depending on the club manager, you may get the freedom to use your own tactics, but most likely this would be set for you. Depending on other staff in the club and roles assigned, you may have the ability to bring in new players, especially as U-18's. This could also tie in with one of the suggestions that I have made previously, that our "character" in game has staff stats, the same as all staff have. As the U-18's and 21's Managers are also part of the coaching staff, it would make sense for us to be fulfilling this part of the role also. As the Assistant Manager, we would be part coach, possibly involved with the U-18's and 21's, and also we would have the job of providing tactical suggestions to our Manager, both before, during and after game day. Overall, I think this is a great suggestion. Precedence is already in game as you can manage at the different levels for the National sides.
  5. I would like to see the following things introduced to Football Manager. I will list them by dot point, and then give further details below for those that wish to read it. To give yourself Coaching Assignments along with your Backroom Staff Option to be a Player/Manager To have a Managerial Stat Profile, similar to other Backroom Staff To have a Player Stat Profile, similar to other Players To be able to set your Past Playing Position Manager Past Player Position This particular feature isn't much on its own, but ties in more with two of the other features I would like to see. One its own though, this could be used as a factor when having private discussions with your players, particularly when chatting with players of the same position. Giving advice on performance and training could be weighted stronger or weaker when talking to players of a position you played yourself during your career, etc... Manager "Player" Stat Profiles This particular feature again ties in more with other suggestions I have made than being a solo feature. On its own there isn't any real need for this feature, other than for those that enjoy having a fuller background and bio. The stats themselves could be implemented in two ways. Assigned randomly based off the selected Past Player Experience. While done random they would be weighted towards the Past Player Position that I outlined above. A Sunday League Footballer would have lower overall stats than that of an ex-International. Us as the player can assign the stats ourselves from a pool of points. The pool of points would be based on our Past Playing Experience, with a Sunday League Footballer having the least amount of points to spend, etc. This is my preferred option for assigning Player stats. Manager "Staff" Stat Profiles This particular feature I am surprised hasn't been included already. I find it kind of ridiculous that all staff within a club have stats for their abilities but we as the Manager don't. Under the current conditions that the game plays it probably isn't major, but like my proposed Player stats it would be nice to have for fleshing out our background and bio. Just like the Player stats this could be setup to either assign the stats randomly (my preferred option in this case) or user assigned from a pool of points. Player / Manager I imagine that most players setup their Manager profile to be similar to themselves in reality, with the exception being Past Playing Experience. I always set my Date of Birth to my actual DoB, which for FM14 put me as 32 at the start of the game. I personally prefer to play a LLM style, so at the lower leagues I would consider myself to be "young" enough to potentially play for the club I am also Managing. In the case of using edited databases, such as the Level 12 English Pyramid, then managing at the lowest level becomes even more appealing to be able to be a Player/Manager. This particular feature ties in several of the other features I have proposed. Note that in the 2013/14 EPL season we had at least 2 Player/Managers. Gary Monk was listed as a Player/Manager at Swansea as the interim manager, although I don't know if he actually played during his time as Player/Manager. Ryan Giggs not only became a Player/Manager at Manchester United at the end of the season, but he also subbed himself on and played during his time as interim manager. Coaching Assignments Many managers take a hands on approach to training around the world, and yet in Football Manager we can't assign ourselves to take care of coaching roles. This is a rather irritating oversight. This becomes even more irritating when playing at lower leagues, and especially in edited databases such as the Level 12 English Pyramid. At the lower league levels it becomes much harder to get backroom staff such as an Assistant Manager and Coaches, or the ones you get you wish you hadn't because their abilities are worthless. But to see any development in your players, outside of playing matches, you have to have staff that can fill your coaching assignments. As the Manager you should be able to fill the role of a dedicated Coach. This proposed feature ties in nearly all of my previously proposed features, and is the overall aim of why I would like to see them all implemented. I am a personal fan of playing LLM and I generally start unemployed. The clubs I end up being employed at generally have poor finances, poor backroom staff, and poor facilities. Being able to take on a Coaching role myself helps with two of those things directly, and can influence the third in the long term. I can save the club cash by not "needing" to hire an Assistant Manager and/or Coach. Depending on my Staff Stats I could potentially be a much higher quality of coach than what the club would otherwise attract at the lower leagues. By saving the club money with not paying staff wages, and revenue raising elsewhere, I could convince the owners to improve our facilities. I cannot express how much I feel the game needs this particular feature. I know this is a long post, but I hope I have been clear in outlining the features I would love to see introduced. While I have listed them as individual features, the reality is that they all work together as one overall feature (maybe with the exception of the Player/Manager). Now to get Miles Jacobson to see this and act on it
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