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  1. Nice work. Just started my annual Arsenal save. Working well so far!
  2. I just bought the ingame editor and nothing is showing. When I push downloads I also get the error code 1000. Very frustrating.
  3. 1) Dybala: just ridiculous 2) Berardi, beast on Right side for me. 3) Lemar, was backup for ozil, but they are both genious! 4) Icardi, first transfer I did on my Arsenal save. Goals galore. 5) Jorge, very competent left back who's still very young.
  4. I have Richedly Bazoer as a BWM and he does great for me.
  5. Also started my Arsenal save. Haven't really sold anyone yet, but managed to sign jorge and Icardi. Icardi was a lucky case because he had a row with Frank De Boer, his coach. He was placed on the transfer list. So far I haven't been too successful.
  6. Hi, I'm playing as Arsenal, as I always do, but since the beginning of the season, the injuries have been piling up. I understand injuries are part of modern football, but 10 first team injuries after 3 league games and 2 international games? Isn't that a bit much? I didn't seem to have that problem in last year's edition. Is this a known fact or could it be a bug? Just wondering.
  7. My control tactic stopped working for some matches. I have switched back to attacking with fluid setup. I conceded a lot because of easy high passes behind my defenders, but I have been able to cancel that out by playing offside. Really great results now. Morata and Sanchez are banging in goals for fun. But, my word, Bellerin is just insane. Barca and Real are already knocking on the door. Average rating of 8.5 like WTF! Koscielny is 32 now though and Cech 36. I might have to start looking for decent follow up. I just wonder how long we can go on with Cech. I do really like him a lot though. Awesome professional guy!
  8. The Ox wasn't that great for me neither. You'll notice that wingers are not easy to set up properly. Also because every winger has different qualities.
  9. Arsenal has a very balanced starting squad, so winning the league in your first season is quite doable. However I find the Champions cup another story. As Aditya has posted above, there is no plug and play tactic. It is just not that easy anymore. You can easily have bad periods where nothing seems to work for no obvious reason.
  10. A screen of my tactic: http://imgur.com/HFHhtzu A screen of my finances after Kroenke stepped down as chairman http://imgur.com/aeqFG65
  11. Hmm have problems with photobucket, doesn't seem to upload right now
  12. Let me answer your question: As I explained before I have a huge transferbudget, now 286 mil euros. I have been champion for the two past seasons, so I guess that drew attention as well. In my first season in charge I sold a lot of players for a lot of money. Managed to get 36 mil for Paulista, offered by Juventus. All of a sudden Kroenke decided to step down but soon after that announcement asked me if I wanted more transferfunds. I was happy to say yes. As the new chairman stepped in he also asked me the same question. I know that some other players here have had the same announcement by the board. It's not cheating. I guess I've just been lucky. I agree it's a bit over the top as I can basically buy everybody I want, but that takes the fun away for me. I just like buying young talent and make them worldbeaters.
  13. I'm on a roll now. With Sanchez back, I could use Berardi as a AMR-inside forward again and things are looking awesome. I can finally say that my team is playing extremely well. 4-5 CCC per match. And Morata is banging in goals again. I changed two TI's: removed exploit flanks and instructed them to play a bit wider. This has created more opportunities for my attacking players. I'll post pics of my tactic later on today, when I'm home. Two things though: Berardi is awesome as inside forward on the right, and full backs are just extremely good. Both Bellering and Jorge. My first choice team; Cech Bellerin(fb-a) Stones Bosscielny Jorge(fb-a) Neves (anchorman) Ramsey (dlp-s) Ozil (AP-A) Sanchez (IF-a) Neymar (IF-a) Morata (CF-s)
  14. I think control with higher tempo doesn't work. Also I would use fullbacks with attack duty since you have an anchorman. But your main problem is your midfield. I use an anchorman myself but you need creativity in midfield which you don't have. You could usen a AP-attack and a DLP next to him with defense duty.
  15. A big thanks for this post. I think things could have been made a lot clearer by SI.
  16. Don't give up on him, he really is a good player. Keep playing and training him. Btw I got Jorge as my young new DL and he has been awesome. Gibbs is second fiddle now.
  17. Just checked, got him for 26 mil. That's a lot but he's been a lot better than le Coq for me as anchorman. I guess his stats are more suited to the role of anchorman.
  18. I don't use a BWM, but an anchorman, and I have bought Neves from Porto, who is becoming a beast and also Thiago Maia, who is cheap and very very good!
  19. Bought Stones in my second season. Great and reliable central defender. Good partnership with Bosscielny. What I have found out though is that some partnerships just don't really work. Still trying to figure that out. I'm watching every match in 3d. The first beta release was a tactical walk-over, but since the patch some weeks back it has been very inconsistent for me.
  20. 22.5 mil per year, which is as much as Alexis Sanchez who wanted an improved contract. Things keep getting crazier. Since Kroenke has stepped down, the money just keeps coming. I was struggling for about 5 matches and the new chairman stepped in and asked if I wanted more transferfunds. I now have a whopping 250 mil euros availables for transfers. I checked my scouting and set it to "remove unrealistic transfers" and even Messi seems available. The money is totally nuts. I refuse to spend it all on stars though. I prefer scouting for young talent and make them into stars, that's my favorite part of the game. Last fm though I also bought Neymar, who is just an insane player. but grrrrr this game: after 8 games he got an injury for 5 months. A snapped achilles tendon. My injury list: Sanchez/Ozil/Bellerin/Neymar and Walcott. Try to cope with that! I still have to find a good setup for my striker though. For some bizarre reason, they keep missing chances. Morata and Berardi both.
  21. Try to change things around by removing the AMC and putting a DM. I use an anchorman myself that sits above the defenders. That will also allow your full backs to be put on attack duty. That will automatically create more opportunities. I feel your pain though. To comfort you, I have Morata as complete forward and he's been bad as well. I think strikers are not in the best position at the moment. I just checked the topscorerlist for the premierleague in my save and the topscorers are all wingers/IF's.
  22. My strikers aren't scoring. Both Berardi and Morata have 8 shots per match and can't even score from close by. I am dominating every match but they just don't score. Very annoying.
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