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  1. Thanks for your help guys. I'll start to note who is responsible for the late goals and check their attributes. I did notice one of my centre backs was responsible for a late goal and also conceded a late own goal previously.
  2. I seem to lose an awful lot of last minute goals, many in time added on. I have tried changing strategy to defensive or counter. I have tried dropping deeper, retaining possession etc. I have even tried creating a special "Park the bus" tactic but nothing seems to work. I can be leading by two goals at half time and still end up on the losing side. Anybody got a good way of defending a lead?
  3. I have a coach who is struggling on a coaching course. This has happened in previous saves including one coach who struggled for three or four years. Can I remove him from the course and save money or is there something I can do to help him? The message comes up every other week. If there is nothing that can be done why give this message so often?
  4. That worked, thanks.I think it is unlikely that a club would pay the wages of a player for all this time without being able to play them. Maybe I should record this as a bug.
  5. I have a player who is on loan but I cannot play him because he is unregistered. This seems to be because there is a transfer embargo on his club. The problem is that he is at my club (being trained) and I am paying part of his wages. This has been the situation for 5 months. There is no option to terminate the loan. Is there anyway round this as I am at the limit of my wage budget and getting rid of him would allow me to get another player.
  6. Both players are in the Under 18 squad. The only individual training they are doing is for their Natural position and this is set at Light. I couldn't see where their professionalism is shown but their personalities are Fairly ambitious and Balanced. I have an Under 18 Manager and 6 Under 18 coaches (7 allowed). Is there some way of allocating coaches in the Under 18 set up? The player's comments are "unhappy with high team training workload" and the coach's advice is to "reduce the amount of individual training assignments". I think the training of the Under 18s has been allocated to the AM but I'm not sure if this makes any difference.
  7. I have two 18 year old players complaining that their work load is too heavy. When I check their training it does say Heavy but there is no way to reduce this. They are not training for a new position or trying to master a new technique and the basic training is set to light. How do I solve this?
  8. I have my corners set to short and two players set to offer short option but the corner taker usually just punts the ball into the box. Often there is nobody offering the short option but, even when they do and are unmarked, the corner taker seldom passes to them. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Got it. Thanks very much. I am partially sighted so some of these little things are very difficult to see.
  10. Don't see anything like that. On the last version there was a Save option on the drop down menu
  11. Thanks for the help but I still don't see an option to save. The drop down menu shows - Open tactic creator - Set to formation - Archived tactics
  12. I want to create three tactics with similar features without starting each tactic from scratch. In previous versions it was possible to save an existing tactic with a new name and each tactic could then be modified to suit. Has this feature been changed or am I missing something?
  13. I had a very similar situation. I won L1 with Kettering and started well in L2 using Brob17 then the wheels came off and I plemmetted down the table. I changed to Mr Hough's Tactic (I had been training with both tactics from the start of the season) and never looked back. Ended up fourth and won the promotion playoff.
  14. Tactic worked great with Notts Forest in PL but it is not working very well with Kettering in L2.
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