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  1. Could someone please explain to me how I am managing to overwhelm my players when asking them to concentrate shortly after taking the lead in a match? Surely no professional footballer in the history of the game has felt overwhelmed by being asked to concentrate. Is there a guide somewhere to getting the most out of touchline shouts?
  2. @VinnyChilds you sir are a legend.
  3. Hey lads, a quick search doesn't turn up anything so I thought I'd ask the question. I've just noticed a new folder called "future regens.edt" in the 1910 database edt folder. A quick look at the file shows a player called Captain Morgan, from Wales. Any idea what this is about?
  4. I know the "Hingis Out" sky writing was a little much, but the players just felt so strongly about it they paid for it with their own wages! Try not to listen to the chants though, they can be a little crude.
  5. If you include FM Live, I have 10 versions of FM in my Steam Library. I buy this game every year, forgive me for feeling that a little recognition would be nice. It's the money we loyal players pay that keeps this game going. I've bought every version of the game since CM2, ~$1500 on this game. SI can't afford to make me feel a little special by giving me a 20-30% discount?
  6. Phelix joins the game. Ok, I started this game a couple of days ago, I loaded up more leagues than I can remember, and with my managers age set to 20 and experience to nil, the first job I landed was at Nuneaton Town in the Vanarama Conference North. We actually managed to have a very respectable season. Tipped by media to finish mid table at best, we actually reached the promotion playoff, setting a new league record for the number of draws in a single season (16). I also had personal success, the board allowing me to gain not one, but two coaching badges through the season. We went on to lose in the opening round of the playoffs, and rather than spend another year in the conference, I took a punt and left the club. I applied for a number of vacancies and had a series of interviews with clubs throughout Europe, all unsuccessful. It was an application I didn't take at all seriously that actually came through. I looked at Mexican jobs that were available and was actually succesful with two interviews, choosing Dorados Sinaloa as my new club. They have a significant jump in reputation from Nuneaton, and they have also agreed to let me take another coaching course right from the beginning. With some clever recruitment, I think we can gain promotion from the Ascenso Bancomer MX (though the league structure confuses me). That's it from me for now, I'll update again at the end of the season. Career Progress Season Club Country League Position Achievements 2018/19 Nuneaton Town England Vanarama North 6th Most draws in a league season (16), Two coaching badges attained 2019/20 Dorados Sinaloa Mexico
  7. What I see is that you are playing with a High Tempo on a Control mentality which already has a higher base tempo, so you are looking to move the ball really quickly. If a pass is not on, then your players will shoot because they aren't supposed to dwell too long on the ball or take too many touches. I'd remove the high tempo instruction, then I'd look to switch Salah to a winger role, to get him to start in the wider positions. His PPM's mean he will still cut inside, even if played as a winger, and he will be more dangerous, stretching the opposition defence wider and making more room for your DLF and Coutinho.
  8. Nothing jumps out at me as inherently wrong with this set up. You would have to look at the way your team is positioning in game to see if you are getting into the spaces you want to. I was excited for the inverted winger, but I have found that I get a better result (based on what I am looking for) by customising a Wide Midfielder(s) with a few PI's. The ball will naturally gravitate to your DLP, so from there he will look to find a runner, most likely your right winger, otherwise his only options will really be short passing. I don't know how opposition defences are regularly set up in the championship, but perhaps you need to look at the opposition and see if you can identify where the space is to exploit; if they are playing with 2 DM's, then is the inverted winger what you really want, as he will be running into those players regularly. As for the retain possession shout, it makes your players think a little more carefully and take fewer risks, so you may find that you wont pass to pick out runs from your W(a) as you don't want to risk losing the ball. I've found that rather than starting with RP, I use it on an off throughout phases of the match depending on the flow of the game.
  9. Ok, so yes, it could indeed, but no more so than having a 4-1-2-3 Wide really. This way though you do get your diamond midfield, allowing neat passing to take place to bypass any sort of midfield block put out by the opposition. Your fullback will have the space to move into ahead of him, which could work well. Where I would be concerned, and you'd have to test it in some matches to see, is that if the opposition build up play through their own left side, they will have time on the ball and immediately pull your players out of position to deal with it. Either the AMC will have to press laterally, the CM(s) will have to press, or your FB(a) will have to press. You may find that two or more of these players will make the press, which could cause some unsavoury positioning that the opposition can exploit. Really, the only thing you can do is test the formation and see what the results are.
  10. Cool, so get better defenders. Unless you want to work out why your defenders are being put in positions to make mistakes.
  11. Ok, where are your defenders making the mistakes, and is it really there fault? For example, are they being caught out by long through balls? If so this could be a symptom of not cutting off the supply properly, or pressing too high without the ball. Alternatively, are they making mistakes in and around the area? Perhaps they don't have the support from their full backs to allow them to position properly. In all honesty without knowing your complete tactical set up, we cannot offer any real advice.
  12. Well, there are a multitude of tactics out there that a team such as Bayern could use and be successful. We need more information about what is not working for you before we can really help you. Sure there are plenty of people who will say switch to a 4-2-3-1 Wide etc, but why isn't your tactic working away from home? What are the opposition doing that is making it difficult for you to win? Address these issues and then perhaps you will find success. I literally just started a game as Bayern last night, haven't even left pre-season, and I will be playing a 4-1-4-1 albeit with some interesting movement amongst my players (IWB, Carillero's). The squad is good, but thin. I've had to go after some fringe players.
  13. Ok, well lets take a look at the role you've chosen to see if that on it's own will get you what you are after. "The Inside Forward aims to cut inside from the flanks and run directly at the centre of the opposition's defence and works best when the player's strongest foot is opposite to the flank he is playing on. This movement can open up space for overlapping full backs as well as overloading a retreating defender, although it can also end up with the player running into cul-de-sacs. With a support duty the Inside Forward will cut diagonally into the space behind the defence and play through balls or take long shots if the opportunity arises." So, this really does do everything you want, so where could the problems be? Let's look at Alexis' PPM's; Moves Into Channels Avoids Using Weaker Foot Runs With Ball Often Cuts Inside From Left Wing So, literally all of these again enable Alexis to do exactly what you want from him. His attributes like Off The Ball, Vision, Determination, Dribbling and Flair are all incredible. So if it's not the player and it's not the role, what could it be that is preventing him from doing these things? Lets revisit your two of your final requests; Be available for a switch of play This switch can only occur if someone breaks from your tactical decision to play shorter passing. Make runs in behind when the opportunity arises This can be hard for him to do while your players are attempting to keep the tempo down, they will take more touches and in addition with the shorter passing, Alexis may not be able to get his runs right. I stand by my assertion that the problems are with your overall instructions, not with the role or player. I think in this situation you either adapt the tactic to better accommodate an inside forward, or you look for a better way to exploit the left attacking zone, perhaps by playing Alexis as a winger, or even from the midfield strata so that he is not as isolated from his teammates and is more likely to see more of the ball in your shorter passing style.
  14. Ok, so a few things I noticed from your instructions; 1. Shorter Passing - This is nice for a patient build up, but with players in the AML/R positions who you want to be a threat, they are only going to receive the ball from one of the CM's when they move close enough, but this is further hindered by point 2. 2. Dribble Less - I feel like you've activated this in order to try to retain possession, as dribbling at the opposition is risky, but what do you want Alexis to do when he receives the ball? An inside forward typically likes to run with the ball when they've received it, trying to find space on their better foot to cross or shoot. 3. Lower Tempo - In conjunction with the above instructions, this is also going to hinder how you get the best out of your players. Say Alexis gets a neat ball from Ramsey, he is then instructed to prioritise looking for a pass (dribble less) while taking a couple of touches to assess his options (lower tempo) and also refrain from passing long/risky (shorter passing). 4. Structured - This gives little chance for creative freedom, so even players like Alexis are less likely to deviate from your tactical instructions.
  15. Parma are currently in Serie B after being demoted to Serie C last year. It would be worth a shout to rebuild them into the European competitor they were in the 90's. Also, they haven't fallen so much as been overtaken, but Lyon in the French Ligue 1 were once THE dominant team in French football. Now there is stern competition from Nice, not to mention the chance to catch up to Monaco and the star studded Paris Saint-Germain.
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