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  1. @Gregg88 - I spent two seasons at Monaco and couldn't come within a whisker of PSG who got more than 97 points in each of the seasons. I finished 2nd both times, and lost every cup final to PSG in my time there. It was so frustrating that I left and resolved to return as PSG manager to tick the trophy off. To rub salt into the wound, the youthful team I built then went on to win the title and knock PSG off their throne a couple of years after I left.
  2. I've recently been knocked back for high profile jobs (Real Madrid, AC Milan and Man City) because I apparently show no inclination to "focus on attacking set pieces". Has anyone else had ridiculous reasons for being knocked back?
  3. @Gregg88Mate those signings look mint. It's always hard to stay focused when you achieve one trophy but not another and don't get to move on to another team, but with these guys you really should stick it out another year at Spurs, you still have a second domestic cup, the UCL and the League you can realistically win with this club. If you move on, you'll normally need one season to build your team and another to win the comps you want anyway, unless you get Bayern, PSG, Juve, Real or Barca that is.
  4. Ok, it's been a while since a full career update, so here goes. It's currently June 2036 and I am in charge of the Orlando Pirates in South Africa. I have just finished my first season in charge and we swept all before us, winning every competition we were involved in, barring the pre-season "Be The Coach" friendly thing. When I joined, after leaving AS Monaco, I was granted a 6million GBP transfer budget, which meant that I could literally just go and buy all the best talent in South Africa, and even some foreign players. This meant I went the season only losing a single competitive matc
  5. Just a quick update. The year is 2035, I've recently failed yet again at international management, going out of the World Cup in the Quarter Finals with defending champions England. I've now failed twice at the Copa America (runners up with both Uruguay and Brazil) and failed twice at the World Cup with Brazil and now England. I decided to take a break from international management, even resolving to leave it until I have finished the club side of this challenge, but the 2035 AFCON was around the corner and Senegal, Nigeria and Cote d'Ivoire were all looking for managers. I decided on Cote
  6. There's not really any right or wrong way to set up the game, it depends on your own preferences really. If you want to stand a chance of getting early trophies, then adding Canada (short and winnable league, money for coaching badges) is a good shout. Others start with South Africa, normally going from a 2nd division team to coaching one of the big 1st division teams within 2-3 seasons, you could conquer all your African commitments within 4 seasons if things go your way. I prefer to start in obscure European nations that I would never normally manage in, others think Asia i
  7. Brazil is great, the quality of the players is insane, but the sheer amount of football you play is also insane. So. Many. Matches. It's year round, and the volatility of the league is also incredible, teams that win the Copa Libertadores one year can be relegated from the Serie A the next. Whenever this UFM challenge ends I'll be doing a long-term youth challenge type save in Brazil.
  8. Just a quick update as I haven't the time or energy to bother with a full write-up. It's been a few seasons since I last posted, and I have added further silverware to my cabinet, making my way up to 5/32 trophies. After winning the league with Boca, I stuck around long enough to win the cup, before leaving for Europe. The PSV job came up in January and as they were still in with a shot in the domestic cup and mathematically the league title, I though't I'd have a tilt. It wasn't to be though and I left as soon as a better job became available. It took two seasons but it all c
  9. That's as good a way as any to choose between these two. I'd look at the squads and see which players excite me the most.
  10. Uruguay Copa America 2028 Update Having secured the league title with Boca, my stocks were high. I had been on a comfortable run with Uruguay in the WCQ matches, beating Brazil at home and narrowly losing to Argentina 2-1 away. I had dispatched Ecuador, Chile, Boliva and Venezuela already and was second in the group leading into the Copa America. We were gifted a kind draw, with both Argentina and Brazil in the other group, and China and Australia being the foreign invitees this time around. I topped the group, not dropping a single point and only conceding 2 goals in 5 matches. This
  11. I would leave for Santos or Sao Paulo, if they were still in the Copa Libertadores and Copa Do Brasil. Right now I am sticking it out at Boca to have another chance at the Copa Argentina and the Libertadores. If I could swap teams and have a chance at 3 trophies instead of 2, I would. It's getting really annoying at Boca with fielding 15 offers per day for my players during transfer windows, and I've won the league already which enhances the 'waste of time' feeling I get. Update Well, I've locked up the league title again, which has seen my reputation increase to 80%. I had an int
  12. BAUER GETS FIRST RUNS ON THE BOARD This is my third attempt at this challenge, having tried previously in FM19 and FM20, and this is the first time I have actually collected a trophy! It finished comfortably enough, despite a rocky start that had us as much as 11 points behind the league leaders after just 9 matches. The stars of my side were clearly my youth players, but without the acquisitions of experienced heads Giovanni Simeone and Juan Foyth, I don't think we would have had the mentality to come from behind and win the title with 3 games to spare. In addition, the cl
  13. Ok, after a full 12 months with Bahia I was all set to look to spend another 2-3 seasons there because I really liked the squad that I was building and thought I could challenge for a cup or even the league title. Then something happened. Something rather fitting considering everything that has happened in the real world this week, and Boca Juniors offered me the chance to manage them, replacing none other than the great man himself, Diego Maradona. I couldn't turn this down. I have a real shot at nailing my first three trophies for this challenge, provided I can hang on to my young stars
  14. Things didn't go to plan in Perth. I met all the board targets but in order to improve I needed to clear some deadwood from the playing squad. Unfortunately this deadwood is apparently load bearing, as when I tried to remove it the whole thing came tumbling down and I lost the dressing room pretty significantly. Knowing how hard this game is even when you keep morale up, I decided to jump before I was pushed, despite some nice youth signings I'd made. I left the game on holiday and advised to apply for top division jobs only. I got an interview at Banfield in Argentina's Premier Division,
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