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  1. why is buying a club ridiculous? if you are manager of real madrid for example and stay in the job for 10 years you will have earnt about 20 million quid. more than enough to by a big championship club or small prem team. i dont see why this is so ridiculous?? also - im not sure whether it was especially realistic, but i enjoyed the drama on previous versions of FM when a club (even a massive one) went into receivership and had to sell its best players (ala leeds i guess). this never really seems to happen now.
  2. the point of manager wages...... it must be the ability to buy your own club. 8 years of earning 40,000 a week at a massive club is around 15million in the bank. easily enough to buy a medium size club with a bit of potential. i know this strays into the territory of "football chairman" type games but crap like burger prices wouldnt be included. just basic things like wage structure, stadium size etc. any thoughts? ps - yeah the Welsh language should be, at the very least, acknowledged - john hartson speaks Welsh yet according to the game english is his only language. a small point perhaps in the eyes of monoglots but quite a big deal to Welsh people.
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