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  1. Simply how do i make my first team players not available for the reserves? I can only select how many minutes the can play but cant make them completely unavailable,
  2. I might have overlooked it - but couldnt find anything about it - it is not possible to use tactics created in the full game in FMC. Is that a bug, if not will it be possible later on in patch?
  3. Getting a "this file could not be imported" when trying to import a tactic in FMC mode, eventhough is tactics made for the 2013 version. Anyone know why?
  4. Anybody know of any dark skins for FMC? the kontrast is so high in the regular skin that its really killing my eyes
  5. So thats a no, well atleast it made my desicion very easy..............wont be buyer of unlockables!
  6. This really dosent make sense to me. I assume you made the country restriction to make the game more smooth, but then at the same time you force people to have every single league in the country you select, like England where there are alot of leagues, or did i mistake the reason why SI made a country restriction in FMC?
  7. If you buy an unlockable like unmasking, will that unlockable work in every new FMC game you start or is it restricted to only one save game?
  8. Is 3 the max number of leagues you can have in football manager classic mode?
  9. Search dosent work for me. Trying to search for young GK but nothing happens when pressing the search button.
  10. Got the same problem, cant even load the xml i created in the editor.
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