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  1. I had a much more disturbing experience with Liverpool, in season 2 they were neck and neck with Man Utd by the new year, third was a distant 9pts away. They decide to splash the cash on a striker having lost Firmino to Arsenal in the summer, so who do they buy? one Mario Balotelli... He did not score a single goal, they came 4th.
  2. Frank Dashwood

    No highlight speed slider?

    Signed times eleventy billion. Im really a bit peeved this option was removed. Apparently it was done after a 'usability study' What, so SI asked people and they said 'We want LESS options'?????? Or was it similar to the arrows, where people were confused as to what they did? If thats the case, don't do usability studies on morons But yes, the ability to not have the match in speedy mode and the highlights in a slower format that allows me to, you know, SEE them... is pretty silly. It seems like a step backwards.
  3. Frank Dashwood

    Stats dont matter rant!

    People always come out with the 'only reputation matters' line... - ITS NOT TRUE!!!!!! <- (Caps for emphasis ) The league your managing in will be on full detail. Reputation is only the overriding factor in leagues that are NOT on full detail, i.e ones your not managing in. And its possible to go to 'options' -> 'detail level' tab ingame to set all leagues to full detail. ....which means its probably your tactics (Joke! Im not that good at the game so i cant/wont give you any tips im afraid)
  4. I quoted stats, and in the post said i was using largest DB, always do. Im about half way through making a list comparing players physical stats from 07 to those in 2028. But real life comes 1st, its summer, and i live by the beach Oh and those bashing SI about it, i think you'll find they do indeed know its not perfect. But no more patches will be forthcoming. They're (probably) busy trying to fix the problem for 09 tho (I hope!)
  5. Just been reading the other thread on this subject - http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/521102691/m/7562069404/p/2 And it looks like a lot of us agree that something needs to be done to tweak regens, just in case you missed it i'd recommend going there and reading arrogantio's post halfway down p2. He sums up a lot of what i think are the key problems and has some good suggestions on how to implement templates for regens. The more I read on the concept of regen templates, the more i like the idea Unfortunately tho my pessimistic nature makes me think that we will indeed be in the same situation when 09 rolls around
  6. Frank Dashwood

    Regen Quality = attrocious

    Wow this post is so good it needs to be quoted again, and implemented in FM 09
  7. Well i have to say, that idea of having different development models is a pretty good one. But after reading it a few times i think i'd have to say a compromise between the 2 would be better balanced. Mainly because regardless of your excellent suggestion im still of the opinion that the game should churn out some regens with a higher CA that it does. To use your quote against you (sorry!) i would say that the reason 'we notice 'wonderkids' or youngsters of great potential because they are so much better than their peers.' is because they have a higher CA than their peers. Im wondering why the idea you suggest isnt already implenented tho, its a good one, and similar to what they use on Pro Evo games. Mostly all i can think of is that other factors have an effect on how a player gains CA - ambition, determination, simply getting 1st team games etc. However as you indicated, all youngsters do very much seem to train up at roughly the same speed so a bit of diversity here could be good. Only argument against doing it (aside from coding) i can think of is that some people wont like SI adding a stat that would quantify how well a player can gain CA. But lets face it, everything else has a stat so a few more probably wont hurt. I think everyone agrees on the physical stats tho. Oh and Tyler42... good player, stats wise tho i think he's a bit short on physical attributes compared to todays top players. Penalty taking of 3 as well except since that particular stat NEVER increases, by 20 years in thats about an average score
  8. Ok so I've been playing the same game using patch 8.0.2 right up to 2028, I usually only buy every 3rd or 4th version of the game so didn't play 06 or 07. Since getting 08 I played 2 previous games past the 20 year mark and I think I've got to agree that somethings wrong with the regens. First here are the numbers, Genie scout was used for all of this, I'm ignoring value as I agree that it has no bearing on how good a player is. The lists are for all players 20yrs old and under. Database size in both cases set to large with English Italian and Spanish leagues. For ease of comparison they are side by side, the first column is from a 27 sept 2028 Saved game. The second from a start of game save July 2007. (So all the players in the database with PA values of -10/-9/-8 etc get given a randomly generated pa.) CA 190-200 = 0 0 CA 180-189 = 0 2 CA 170-179 = 0 1 CA 160-169 = 0 3 CA 150-159 = 0 16 CA 140-149 = 4 39 CA 130-139 = 18 73 CA 120-129 = 48 144 CA 110-119 = 103 230 CA 100-109 = 200 251 CA 90-99 = 419 393 CA 80-89 = 611 575 CA 70-79 = 897 811 CA 60-69 = 1197 937 CA 50-59 = 1386 1031 CA 0-49 = 3620 3766 PA 190-200 = 8 3 PA 180-189 = 27 23 PA 170-179 = 79 112 PA 160-169 = 44 167 PA 150-159 = 242 526 PA 140-149 = 190 484 PA 130-139 = 585 838 PA 120-129 = 378 474 PA 110-119 = 1059 1101 PA 100-109 = 706 715 PA 90-99 = 1089 1079 PA 80-89 = 490 579 PA 70-79 = 905 791 PA 60-69 = 483 424 PA 50-59 = 860 545 PA 0-49 = 1356 510 Total - 8514 8271 Not really sure what to make of PA, I did not think there would be much of a difference really, i thought the regen issue was more about CA (and physical stats) than PA. However it shows pretty clearly that in my game a large quantity of the regens are rubbish, and will always be, and although there are a few more in the top 2 groups in the 2028 save, there are a lot less from 120 to 179. Looking at the CA comparison, theres not a single player in 2028 thats 20 or under and has CA higher than 149. (highest is actually 145) You could change the 2028 players to give them 10 more CA each, and the result will still be that regens aren't as good. I think we can conclude that more younger regens need a higher starting CA. At the moment were getting no wonderkids at all from regens, and that cant be right. Mind you this whole CA thing is only one issue that is fubar-ing regens in 08. The other one as a lot of people have said, is certain stats. Primarily the physical ones. The amount of 'world class' players in my 2028 game with god like technical and mental stats, but physical stats of a 30 stone chainsmoker is pretty silly. I will hopefully do the same comparisons with various physical stats, and post the results around here somewhere. But this was enough for one day i think. Lastly i would agree with what Celtic said above, this has no real bearing on the game as its an issue the AI teams have to cope with as well, no-one gains or looses out because of it. But i don't think that invalidates the opinion that the regen system is flawed, and therefore needs tweaking. If all regens had for eg, a permanent hardwired stamina of 10, it would be fair... but would still need fixing.
  9. Great thread this - Every single one of the problems you mentioned has irritated me over the years. In particular on FM08 is the fact that from mid may to sep 1st, and again mid dec to jan 1st i get an endless stream of inquiries or useless bids of stupidly low amounts for my best players. I set an acceptable value for the transfer to which they say no... 2 days later i get the stupid bid/inquiry again, repeated ad infinitum. Infact I feel so strongly about this issue you even got me posting on the forums to agree with you. I've been playing cm/fm games since SI started making them, (and the original FM on the spectrum! Damn i feel old) and imho your right in saying that the transfers section of the game is now arguably its worst feature, having not been updated significantly for a long time. Hopefully SI will read this thread and come to see that this part of the game needs some love. Ok thats my mini rant over, now i will got back to lurking and reading that epic thread about the Bandits