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  1. End of preseason update (4-3-3 Narrow) First off, the transfers: Unfortunately, Joaquín had to go due to having no ability to play CM or STR. Sergio Reguilón came in on loan as LB cover. I needed some more quality in midfield (I am playing Canales as a Striker) so i brought in Matías Zaracho from Racing. Never used him before but he looks a talent. Finally, I sent my scouts out all over the world with the task of finding a cheap striker and my scout in Africa comes back with this gem: Never heard of Ali Bounadir before, and I can't even find a picture of him on google but hes a quality backup for the price I paid for him. On to the tactics, I'm starting off pretty simple. Only a few team instructions away from the default tactic the game generates when you choose 4-3-3 narrow. On balanced, the wide strikers on support duties defend very similarly to how players at AML and AMR do. This will help keep our fullbacks from getting too overrun. Also the fullbacks on support still get forward plenty due to all the open space in front of them. I originally thought I would need to put them on wingback or complete wingback roles, but they seem to be providing plenty of support in the final third without leaving us too vulnerable to the counter. I'm sure I will make changes as the season progresses, but for now I'm going to see how this fairs. I know friendlies don't mean anything but good showings against Valencia and Dortmund have me cautiously optimistic.
  2. 433 Narrow That's unfortunate, only one decent striker in the squad and Tello, Joaquin, and Lainez can't play any of the positions so are probably going to have to be sold/loaned. Should be a challenge 😁
  3. Count me in. My vote is for Betis, was actually planning on doing a save with them, so this would be a perfect excuse.
  4. Two Small things that I would like included next year are: 1. On the player profile screen, I would like "player preferred moves" to be an option for one of the boxes. You can pick fitness, season stats, coach report, etc... but having to click over to the information tab to see PPMs is really frustrating. This is especially tiresome when you are scouting lots of players and you have to make all those extra clicks using your laptop touchpad. I download a new skin every year just because of this. 2. On the player and staff search screen, I would like for more information to be searchable. For example, personality and preferred formation need to criteria to search by. I was trying to find a u18 head coach that played a 4-3-3 narrow because I have a lot of talented STs and MCs in the youth squad, but since I couldn't search by preferred formation, I ended up clicking randomly through what felt like hundreds of coaches.
  5. Also, if a player is at a club in a poor league or with poor facilities, then their "perceived PA" will be lower than their "actual PA" due to the fact that they wont reach that PA at their current club. This is why most african regens will have a fairly low PA, but when they join your club it will jump a few stars.
  6. Never have and never will. The one time that I've had to replace a keeper mid-match, (in FM12) I threw Alex Song in net and he proceeded to save a pen and record a man of the match.
  7. I'm at work right now so I dont have any screenshots at the moment, but i can still give an update. Here is how I have set up the team so far: [/url] I have the strategy/ mentality set as standard/ very fluid with the defensive line pushed up in the hopes that it will help keep the "front 4" and "back 4" from being too far apart. The average positions throughout a game end up being more like this: Two distinct diamonds at either end of the field with the WM's going both ways and helping to move the ball from defense to attack. This isn't exactly what I am trying to achieve, but so far the defense has been solid and a lot of chances are being created. I'll post some actual screenshots when I get home.
  8. Haha! I was hoping for a unique formation to make it interesting. Safe to say I got my wish This should be fun.
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