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  1. How the effing hell did some of you guys manage to snap up Luke Shaw for that little? Trying like a mad man to get him in my Arsenal save but Southampton will take nothing less than 40m for him (they started at 63m up front in my negotiations).
  2. I've just grabbed him on a free transfer for the end of my first season with Arsenal. My scouts think very highly of him and his stats looks very promising. Looks a superb winger. He declined signing a new contract with Wolfsburg about 8 times as far as I saw. I had previously been out and stated interest in signing him. Don't know if that had anything to do with his turning down Wolfsburg but I would like to think so As I'd always wanted the game to be able to have highly rated youngsters unwilling to resign with a current club with the prospect of a big club wanting to sign them.
  3. Seems quite cheap to be honest?! I would go for it no question. Even with the potential prima donna fits, that's a bargain. I've just signed Pierre-Emile Højberg from Bayern for £35m (all my scouts rate him 5/5 stars after A LOT of scouting and his stats are really good for a 18 year old) but to be honest I'm wondering of THAT'S worth it. I've recently (got the game early and played the beta a bit for just this week got into an Arsenal save) discovered that prices have gone up a lot - perhaps reflecting the real world. To buy almost any player I'm interested in I have to fork out £40m+. For instance Alaba they want a minimum of 45m quid for. Also Luke Shaw from Southampton looks really good on my save - best LB who's not an established star I've scouted - but they want an extortionate amount for him (over £40m). Anyone else experienced this? Anyway as mentioned I started my Arsenal save I'm now doing alright after a bumpy start. Just went 1st in the league and won my CL group ahead of Lyon (Maribor finished last and Olympiakos took third) but have been knocked out of both the Capital One Cup and the FA Cup. One thing I am baffled about is my top scorer though: Had a lot of luck with Wilshere as a Trequartista in FM13 and it appears he works wonders in Fm14 in the role as well. Few more screens: My current tactics and best 11 Didn't work well in the beginning with goals flying into my net left and right but seems to work well the more the players got to know it. And my two incoming signings Pierre-Emile Højbjerg. My scouts think the world of him and the price tag I had to buy him at shows Bayern also apparently think he might turn into something decent. Getting on a free transfer. Looks like a future kick ass winger.
  4. A season or two into my Arsenal save I saw a tycoon was ready to take over PSV Eindhoven. According to the news he was going to put 100 million Pounds for transfer at the managers disposal. Failed to check if it actually went through. I imagine 100 mill would stretch quite far in the Dutch league Will check when I get home.
  5. Just had what is by far the best season I've had of a regen ever. And it was only his second season: Stat wise I've had better (although Thiago Henrique there is quite awesome, though lacking in one or two key areas that I'm currently building). I signed him in the middle of my second season with Frankfurt when I saw FC Copenhagen wanting him, I scouted him and thought he looked quite alright. A season+ later and this is his goal tally: He destroyed the previous record for goals in the CL ever and tied Gerd Müllers 40 goal Bundesliga campaign in the 70's. Was topscorer in all the competitions he participated in and only what, 7/8 goals from beating Messi's 71/7 goal campaign last season? I'm blown away. And only now at the very beginning of my 4th season (his third in game) has the Brazilian national team the sense to let him start
  6. It's weird that it's apparantly so high to begin with, Physically he's awesome IRL - any idea if he has had a history of injury at youth level that would justify them setting a high injury proneness?
  7. Two other things btw: Anyone else having Babel play like he was on fire? Insane dribbling, often runs past 3-5 players on the left flank, cuts in and then misses horribly hitting the corner flag with a shot. But when he does decide to cross or pass it's awesome and most often another player can just tap it in. Awesome revelation Babel. And how is Poulsen doing for everyone else? He's been doing crap a long with Schöne for me, Poulsen playing CM DM and Schöne CM with Auto. Both have horrible morale while the rest of my team are mainly in high spirits and Poulsen is hugely error prone. He's playing well for large parts of the game, being a rock and cleaning up and then he makes a rookie mistake, loosing the ball midfield and more often than not costing us a goal.
  8. I have no clue to be honest. What's Eriksen's long shots in your save? Also his free-kicks are insane. Haven't done any specific training to either except Fischer's AF training.
  9. Cheers and yeah same. He was called up really quick into the save but languished on the bench to watch Bendtner start match after match. Hope Olsen is gonna give him more time from now on.
  10. Nicely Cheers for the screenshot. Looks like he definitely has the potential to become very good. Love his positioning and anticipation for his age. Do you have him as DC or DL? A wee update on my own save: Have won the league with 4 games to go, Eriksen has 27 goals, 14 assists and an average rating of 8.19 in 28 matches. Bit of a beast, hugely impressed with his decisiveness. Gotten to the final in the cup, beat Twente and am meeting Willem II in the final who beat my nemesis AZ in an upset. Up against Udinese in the Quarter Final of the Euro League, aim to take both the cup and Euro cup but let's see The table with 4 remaining games sees me 14 points clear: Best players: Best youngster: Been playing Fischer as AF mainly and must say he's done really well given his age. I'm also really chuffed with his stats. His finishing and mental stats have shot up like crazy and I've pretty much only been giving him starts with only a tad of advanced forward specific training. My last fixtures look like this: Hope I can take both the cup and the Euro League. Would probably be my most successful first season ever with any save I think.
  11. Seems like this could be a fun save. A low league club with an interesting background and now a good thread here I'm just wondering about the perspectives: How far has anyone managed to take them and how does finances and attendances etc. evolve?
  12. Congrats on the CL win and the comfortable Eredivisie win Very impressive. Hoping I can copy you down the road. How's Denswil doing for you? Look like you've played him quite a bit. He's out on loan on mine but looking to become class. Getting closer to finishing my first season now. Still in the Euro League after finishing third in my CL group - up against Montpellier, comfortably ahead in the league and in the semis of the cup. Aiming for all three! Promised Eriksen we'd win the Euro cup within two season so he would stay so hoping I can give him that.
  13. Wow, turned out great. He has excellent prospects on my save, have him midway through the season with my Ajax. Though his stats aren't nearly as good as here, mediocre in the important areas for now but I'm hoping he develops just somewhat like what he's done for you His only problem I guess is he plays the same positions(s) as Christian Eriksen who's tearing up everything and everyone at the min. 20 goals in 20 matches and I think 15 assists.
  14. Trying to get him now in my first season a bit more than halfway in the season. Though looks like I've been too slow, Velez just rejected a 2.5m pound bid flat out so I would guess they want quite a bit more.
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