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  1. Right then, time for me to boldly attempt a very long (1 season at most) challenge! Haga - Swedish for "failure"! Manager Profile 1 Manager Profile 2 This is me. I'm not very good at football. I put all my points motivation because I panicked earlier. Facilities This is the facilities. They aren't amazing. We got a mother club currently. While I refuse to play any player they might send me, I will gladly take their money and spend it on backroom staff... Staff ... because we have NO backroom staff! Squad I have 14 players. Of these, only one is a goalkeeper. If he gets hurt, I'll begin crying.
  2. I can confirm that the reset date for Greece is still the 20th June. Also, can anyone tell me the league system with the fewest number of league matches per season?
  3. National B Teams

    As a man who enjoys and prefers national team management, I welcome even more teams to manage.
  4. Bottom up. Create the teams, then recreate five competitions (the four conferences + one empty competition to link them together). Put the teams in the leagues, and work the magic with the nation rules.
  5. 11.3 Database - Full Club Names

    Hardly pointless. I'm going to use it.
  6. Had simmed all the way and picked a team yesterday with San Marino, but today i had a change of heart. Andorra seems more to my taste, so i'm simming a year there.
  7. Hi. I'm considering starting the challenge in Qatar, i'm just wondering if this file is okay to use as opposed to the one found in the All Asia package?
  8. NF Board Project

    Hmm, i believe i still got a sorta functional (yet fictional) 2009 Monaco file for patch 10.2 if you are interested. Its fictional because the real system used is absolutely uncreateable in the editor. Probably even with the advanced panel.
  9. [WIP] The official non-fifa nations database

    Question: http://www.cocpr3.com/equipes_joueurs_autorises.asp On this page, what does the (D),(A) and (EA). Its probably something obvious but...
  10. [WIP] The official non-fifa nations database

    Mind if i call a future dibs on either Gotland, Mayotte or the Åland Islands? Im going on a people adding spree for Monaco later today and that should pretty much finish it as much as i can with my lack of french.
  11. [WIP] The official non-fifa nations database

    Update on Monaco: League structure: Almost done. Gone for a simpler 1 top league, 1 bottom league. 1 got a championship play off, the other got a promotion play off. Also a national cup. Teams: 26 active and playable. Around 8 or 9 of these got home kits and colours set. My french allows me to see that another 4 or 5 have joined for the 2009/10 season. I'll probably add those to an inactive tier. Other stuff about teams: Attendances set, 3 stadions created realistically. U/18's league set up too and teams have gotten one automatically. All teams got 0/0 training facilities as they are company teams. Also they are all founded in 1900 because frankly, research aint easy. People: Apart from two that have played in the Monaco national team, none have been added. I have been able to find a list of players for many of the teams, but it doesn't list either position, age or nationality. So its sorta a moot point to even try to add them. Misc.: Language settings modified for the state of Monaco. Hopefully this will add to the diversity of the regen names that come through seeing how Monte Carlo is a multinational city and the amount of international companies that got a base and a team here. It probably wont work of course. To be done before a beta can be released: Add some more teams in a 3rd tier. Add away kits for many of the teams. Add staff. Tweak reputation.
  12. [WIP] The official non-fifa nations database

    I would base mine on last seasons result, but ill need to place a decade dominating team quite off the scale.
  13. [WIP] The official non-fifa nations database

    Im running a beta of my fictional Monaco league system right now. Im also wondering, assuming the top league would have a rep of 4 or 5 (because lets face it, you'd rather play in Monaco than Greenland), what would the range of club reputation be?
  14. [WIP] The official non-fifa nations database

    Out of curiousity, what are you setting Jesper Gronkjaer to?
  15. [WIP] The official non-fifa nations database

    Amazing place them Scilly Islands Also Monaco, finished adding clubs and creating three tournament histories: 45 teams in total, 26 active and another 19 added for flavor in history. Now i will track down the players who participated in the 06 VIVA World Cup and give them the right nationality. (EDIT: Which in hindsight boils down to two players. But two really good ones)