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  1. I'm just waiting for the patches and waiting to play the game. I feel that is the least frustrating way as I have learnt this the hard way from suffering through ME bugs in previous versions. We go through this every year and by now most people should realise that the game on release is far from perfect, particularly the ME. You either suffer through it, raise the bugs where you see them, accepting the situation OR you wait for the patches to roll out to see if it improves the game to a more playable level for you. This year I'm taking the latter.
  2. I'll try and get rid of some physios then. Doesn't Shaw a have a pretty decent personality to start with?
  3. Nope, got rid of them thinking that was the issue, I still have less than the 9 coaches (in any form) they state but I can't recruit anymore and they wont let me add more. I'm presuming people liked Dodd (U18 manager), Hunter (Reserves Manager) and my AssMan are counting as coaches.
  4. i'm putting my save on hold until they fix the issues with fullbacks as my formation is set up to play with the fullbacks providing the width. Also does anyone have trouble with number of coaches? I;ve got rid of loads but it wont let me have anymore than 9 and I don;t even have 9 staff in total yet it won;t let me sign more coaches?
  5. That is him, great mental stats and he would be a good tutor but he seems to have no interest in tutoring anyone. Sure he used to be a DMC as well not a centre-back. First thing I did was re-train them, they are rpetty comfortable there anyway so it wouldn't take them long to learn those positions. Formation wise I've gone for a 4-2-3-1, with Lambert in the hole, Wanyama and Morgan in the DMC slots, Lallana and Gaston out wide. Hopefully Shaw and Clyne bombing on to provide the width. Not sure if it will work though.
  6. Ward-Prowse looks excellent, like real life its getting him into the team. So many AMC options with him, Lallana, Lambert, Gaston. Started my save, not got to any games yet but bought in Gaitan and Buttner on loan and got the Albanian cnetre-back from Lazio whos name I have forgotten.
  7. ^ Only club to start 3 homegrown 18 year olds in a Premier League game. The 3 players that have come in haven't really dislodged any of the young academy players, Cork is the only English player forced out. Chambers should be another good prospect in FM14 along with improvements to Shaw and JWP. Of course I'm a bit biased but I'll be doing a Saints save no doubt when FM14 comes out. Might even have a crack at doing this thread seeing as MLG barely ever actually posts in here!
  8. Not long until we can start a new one of these. Been off the FM for a while now but the pre-order is in and I'm looking forward to do a new Southampton save.
  9. Sven Bender is only rated 2 1/2 stars in my Real Madrid team but he has had my highest average rating for the last 2 years. Just go by attributes if they have the attributes then they will do the role.
  10. Quality team there. No new signings for me this season, just more youngster development. I'll get some screenshots up when I can as most of my youngsters have progressed nicely. I think this year may see Strandberg finally edged out of the team, I have two quality youngsters who are going to be 20 this year pressing for a place. A shame as he's served me well costing just £2.5 million, barely dipped below 7.5 average rating for the last 5 seasons and has already made it onto icon list at the club. Wilshere is fast becoming a fans favourite as well. 14 league goals last year from MC (after 10 the season before), English players player award and runner up world player. He's forming a great partnership with JWP, with the ever reliable Cork sitting in behind them.
  11. ^Lloris is a quality keeper, is also one of the few top keepers who is suited to 'Sweeper Keeper'.
  12. Just lost in the champions league final for the second time to Bayern, both games I've had more chances but lost
  13. 'Southampton Way' isn't tactical its the whole club ethos. Plus no players in the game to match the magic that is Le Tiss
  14. Legend Rickie Lambert has retired in my game, 250 appearances, 169 goals (ish, only have his league goals from pre-game) and 13 caps/7 goals for England. Offered him a coach contract and forgot that would make him retire! On a side note my team has 25 yellow cards in total so far this season. Jack Wilshere has 12 of them!
  15. ^Can't remember that well off the top of my head, I think I initially kept Dodd (U18s), Crocker (HYD), Reed (DOF), and Hunter (Reserves Manager) in my current save as MLG seemed to have made them all a bit better since the update. I also kept Williams as the youth coach and a few of the scouts. Most of the Spanish coaches including the AM went though. Can't remember who I got in but I'm sure most of the guys here have some decent suggestions, Steve Black is a decent fitness coach (IIRC IRL he used to work with Johnny Wilkinson) I'll give you some more names later. If you have the Brazilian leagues on there are quite a few decent coaches there.
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