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  1. Just got through this season finishing 11 new season elland road hold 53k and im sitting 5th after 14 games
  2. just finished 2nd season in PL and told ground is being developed and nxt season will be playing at city of manchester stadium???? anyone else had to do this? its a recipe for relegation i reckon
  3. hes on 24.5k lees on 11.25k......early days but beat arsenal away 1-0, WBA home 3-0 n bristol city 4-2 in cup.....n thanks welshace senderos injured and out for 6 weeks!!!! guess i will bring Lees in now
  4. playing a tweaked 4-4-2 just about to start my 2nd season in Premiership having finished 10th 1st attempt..dont wanna go totally foreign so heres my team..any feedback from any of my players GK Schmeichel Byram----wotton--senderos--Lago Ince--michu--murphy--Benassi(loan from inter) Bentner------McCormack subs zwinkels (gk ) mouyokolo, vadocz, white, lees, lewicki
  5. im struggling to find alot of players in my game like May, Pavelka etc? im running large db with england playable and around 9 or 10 view only? even going to their original clubs not there? any reasons fellas?
  6. finally got everything done but currently unzipping pack, its run for 4 hours and screen says extracting 1005516.png ? and keeps showing a face which i have toaccept tokeep extraction going....can i cancel this process and will it asave whats downloaded or do i have to keep sitting here to the end... its a pain cos if i dont accept the image extracting doesnt continue? GOT SORTED.....only problem now is laptop doesnt fire up first time, get a message to reconfig windows ?takes about 5 mins then restarts ok....
  7. hi fellas, when setting up game at start, to get the brazilians and scandies do you set these as viewable or do you have to select playable ?
  8. http://www.aidtheboss.com/football-manager-2013-downloads/
  9. its the original game no megapack. Although i have downloaded 13 parts of facepack as instructed from aidtheboss download and put the into a graphics folder in fm13 file. so am i right in thinking normal game doesnt have leeds images?
  10. how come my leeds utd team doesnt display player faces yet every team i play against has the player faces displayed? any advice
  11. Hey guys anyone tell me why my leeds team doesnt show faces my players yet every other team i play against displays the players face images?
  12. couple of days ago i mentioned how hot my laptop got playing fm13 on sony vaio, Eugene T recommended a laptop cooler? I purchased a "Coolermaster Notepal U3 Cooler" which arrived today and can honestly say this has transformed the heat concernand im now running with a nice cool laptop and no heat cut outs....
  13. Thanks Eugene, cudda saved me some money as i went to PC repair today and they saying investigate and change heat seal? i think he said would be between 45 - 60 quid with no guarentee it would solve the heat issue, so will try one before i give up the game on laptop as the heat issue could cause damage to cpu and gpu ?
  14. Hi Guys. just gone to a laptop for FM13, been a desktop manager for last 5 years and gotta ask is there a solution of preventing it getting so hot it nearly burns my legs......sony vaio
  15. Sorted guys.....uninstalled adobe and re-downloaded, had drag to desktop, then opened sports interactive/fm/tactics and dragged file into it....One question tho, i couldnt find import scscreen on game???not to worrythanks alot and off i go with Leeds United...
  16. http://www15.zippyshare.com/v/86946366/file.html Yeh thats how ive always done it on XP when i click save, it dont give me an option to save to desktop it shows a download box and a n adobe logo next to file in it
  17. Nearly there !!!! downloaded but get a box saying "adobe reader could not open file ???
  18. trying mr hough feed me more tactic ....as an example click on link takes me to mdia fire starts downloading then stops n message says not downloading? try again. get this message on pretty much every attempt of diff downloads, got ilivid n same with this????
  19. looking forward to getting FM13 tomorrow and gettin stuck into the mighty Leeds once again....FM12 on my windows XP has been painfully slow. gonna load on sony vaio laptop with windows 7......will this be much faster?? playing 3rd season in prem on xp n got through 4 matches in 1 1/2 hours...doing my head in...vaio advice guys.....nothing loded on it...clean laptop???
  20. my 1st season in prem saw me carry on where i left off....i won League cup and FA cup in championship and beat Man u in charity shield..however thats it...got hammered in 1st round of europa cup by lille and really struggling in prem...currently mid table after 8 games but Man u trounced me 6-0 at home n now i dont know whats happening, playing same tactics. Mr hough which worked so well in championship.....heeelllppp
  21. After 4 years of FM finally get to premiership....won league by a country mile105 points 89 runners up. 110 for 44 against. keogh 44 goals in league/ won LC 3-2 against chelsea won FA cup 3-2 et against spurs playing Mr houghs tactic only brought in weligton (DC) a star 17 goals!!! addo, grondin and parnaby(cruciate after 30 games) bought postiga, niemeyer, emmannual thomas, sevilla montoya so far ready for Man U in charity shield now any advice for premiership? should i keep tactic? any 5* signings i should look to add?
  22. Just got a guy in January 2012 called weligton..CD hes awesome 7 goals in 5 games anyone know if he keeps his form to end of season and premiership? im 8 clear after 33 games so fingers crossed
  23. Bloody hell this games only been out a couple of weeks and people into 8th season?????? are they in jail wid a computer!!!!!! im just comin to end of season 1 and wife says i play FM to much......
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