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  1. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    I don' have alot of money so looking for the best laptop around 500 quid if anyone can help cheers
  2. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Any help on this as I'm looking at the same two
  3. April fool...

    i had it bit silly waste of time
  4. its to hard and not fun anymore end of
  5. can someone plz post the link to the classic tac thank you
  6. doing ok with sevilla just would like to know how do i get my players to man to man mark cheers
  7. can someone up load this tactic somewhere else so i can try it plz thanks
  8. your having a laugh yeah tottenham will not win the premier league next season or the season after that i will put my house on the game is unrealistic
  9. yeah game so unrealistic just finshed my 2nd season with ac milan and udinese won the league and TOTTENHAM won the premier league sorry tottenham fans not going to happan and that was on patch 10.2 having said that i still love football manager O.U.F.C
  10. thats great i am not a gooner but i am getting that is man u or liverpool being done ???????
  11. Chairman

    thanks very much cheers
  12. Chairman

    hi how do put a chairman to listen to offers like newcastle and stop chairman from listening to offers thanks for the help
  13. Updated database?

    got it thanks mate
  14. Updated database?

    is the update out yet???????????
  15. Updated database?

    i am waiting as well come on plz cheers