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  1. This problem is not mine.This is because of the game server giving the wrong response code. Looks like noone knows the solution even the ones here to solve technical issues. Well,i must say this is a good support from sports interactive. Thanks for ruining my gaming joy technical issues service.
  2. Hi, After every update,when i try to open the fm 18 i see this warning (photo-1) Then i click the next button to get a response code.Support page is opened automatically and normally i should see a response code immediately which isnt shown after this update. (photo-2) After waiting a while,support code is finally shown up.Then i copy that code to the clipboard shown in the box.So far so good.Normally,when i click the finish button,fm 18 should be opened but there is a problem with the finish button if you look closer. (photo-3) Anybody knows the solution? Thanks
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