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  1. Hollow Guys I have a problem For Fair play award. My top league have it. Then Top league have relegation playoff is not surprise. Here comes My problem: My Fair play award will always give to lower division top playoff team Because They played in Top division (yaya, only playoff) and "Surely" have less YC and RC. Where can i set limit to this? Thx
  2. Got it. Fredrik Let me try to set some referee to judge directly. See what happen. Thank you
  3. I don't know I ask this at right place or not. I use advance rule to make the national main cup. problem is simple. All other comps have a referee to judge game.( division *3, other division *3 , reserve league *2, and super cup) only Main cup have no referee. (referee by unknown ) At first i guess because i use exist extinct comp, it's hard code. but i create a new comp. it is the same. therefore anyone can help me to fix it? Although it didn't Influence gameplay, but i wanna know what is wrong. Thx.
  4. After I check some detail, I find something out. Because your promotion or relegation will make your number teams of regional divisions change. one will be 15 and another will be 17. I think you should refer Italy C League to make it work.
  5. Sorry my bad. I make a mistake. I saw wrong tap. The real problem is this. In National League Greece (2018) you get teams rule is wrong. Didn't match. See Picture 1 and 2. And You have another problem at 19-20 season. Your Pro-League Greece East only has 12 teams but your rule need 16.
  6. In your rules National League Greece (2018) has a stage need 8 teams. but you didn't set requirements make the stage do not set up until your child comps generate teams what you need.
  7. I did. This is a custom league with advanced rule. but age limit is default in regular DB. Didn't change that. just make it playable.
  8. Done. file name : Chen Yen - Taibei H.S..fm It is different save game. in this game I hired a Goalkeeper coach. It can assign. So i think only AM and Coach can't be assign ( This save game have a coach and am too)
  9. I lead a high school team. It set age limit under-19. ( pre-database already set) This team don't have reserve or other youth team. I hire a coach and an assist manager. In normal team, they can assign to training. but in high school team, only manager and Youth development can assign. here are pictures.
  10. I think you need assign a competition (maybe assign country can work ?) If you want select from all country. Try to use new function "team pool" At the bottom
  11. I want choose teams use second division result. Therefore I used "get all team from division" (no matter i get second division directly or i get their first division) then use team sort rule : "last position(ac)" or "last position in other division". Unfortunately, the result is incorrect. the result list is all the same every year. It means it can't sort by last second division result. btw if i use "no sort", the result is the same with "last position in other division". So if i want pick top 4 teams for a cup, system will always get the same top 4 teams. not real top 4 teams. but i use "last position" to sort domestic division it worked. the result is correct. Someone can teach me how to sort teams with second division result? Thanks. Editor "test competition" result picture. all the same so i just show two result. A. 2018 2019 B 2018 2019 final one is second division result 2018
  12. To Bigpole This is a new view-point. Although my steam is set auto-update as default. Let me check to find it out. Thank you The problem really is that my game didn't up-to-date,i think. After i reinstall the game and editor. it worked. Thank you guys, and thank you Bigpole.
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