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  1. I dont know if its just me but there is conflict with Ecuador No se si solo me pasa a mi pero hay conflicto con Ecuador y el que no se muestra es Chile, al eliminar Ecuador funciona correctamente todo
  2. Thank you for the excellent work you do. There would be the possibility of creating the reserve and sub 20 championship in Ecuador so that it fits a bit more to reality. Greetings from Ecuador Gracias por el excelente trabajo que realizan. Habria la posibilidad de que habilitaran el campeonato de reservas y sub 20 en Ecuador para que se ajuste un poco mas a la realidad. Saludos desde Ecuador
  3. Timo wonderful work. If there is some time in your work schedule you could help me with Ecuador if you want I can help you with information
  4. You are the best at what you do, you try to create all the leagues as real as possible and that is a very complicated job. I am Ecuadorian, so you can imagine how far your work goes, I am happy that you continue despite all the difficulties. thanks for everything
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