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  1. This is a joke- I cant believe they make a game that isnt playable and just ignore their customers. I wish there was an alternative- Id buy it in a heartbeat.
  2. Game- Brexit. Uploaded to the cloud. All checks and updates done- no editor or anything extra. Game crashes after the matches have been played. FM 2019 Touch v19.1.5.1166392 (2018.12.05 21.42.45).dmp
  3. Overall I'm fairly enjoying the game- I think its a step up from FM 18 but so far not quiet as good as Fm 17. Here are my two main issues: 1. Injuries still- the game is meant to be enjoyable and having every season where there is an injury crisis and my most in form player always getting injured takes away from this. 2. I play commentary only and there are loads of "ghost" goals which just appear and the commentary text just comes up with a random goal with no explanation. If these were sorted out then I think it would be the best FM touch so far.
  4. Guess not- fingers crossed that FM touch 19 is actually playable.
  5. Firstly 32 teams minus 4 is 28 and when the four teams I manage all have the most injuries then something is up. With international managment there is not rest options etc so please tell me in all your wisdom how to stop them getting injured?
  6. Right- I know a lot of people- myself included- have complained about injuries before but doing a world cup on fmt is a joke: 1. I managed 4 teams and all of them had two players at least miss the whole tournament due to injuries. Surely there is now data from this world cup to show that only a handful of players get injured and miss the whole tournament. It is also much worse for human players- I could only name 7 subs in one match but the AI teams always had a full bench. 2. Team of the tournament- fair play Ivory Coast made it to the final but the team of the tournament was made up of 11 of their players!
  7. Am I to assume that as this is FM Touch then nothing can be done about it?
  8. Updated drivers and still crashing- usually during the start of the 5th or 6th match. Game is called ultimate.fmt
  9. So is this just something I am going to be stuck with?
  10. Will this be looked into for FmTouch 18/19?
  11. I have always played commentary only however there are so many issues with it this year. All I want to know is a) how the goal has been scored and b) if a peno, who has given it away/been fouled. This year it is often missing. I have also had ghost goals- where is flashes goal but then does not appear (and is not a disallowed goal). Also frequently players who have been subsituted will be in the text 10 minutes later. Example below of a random goal- getting really fed up of this game:
  12. Sorry for the delay, just tried it and still crashes no matter what.
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