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  1. This is a joke- I cant believe they make a game that isnt playable and just ignore their customers. I wish there was an alternative- Id buy it in a heartbeat.
  2. Overall I'm fairly enjoying the game- I think its a step up from FM 18 but so far not quiet as good as Fm 17. Here are my two main issues: 1. Injuries still- the game is meant to be enjoyable and having every season where there is an injury crisis and my most in form player always getting injured takes away from this. 2. I play commentary only and there are loads of "ghost" goals which just appear and the commentary text just comes up with a random goal with no explanation. If these were sorted out then I think it would be the best FM touch so far.
  3. Commentary only- so much better than the beta version however a couple of things: 1. Lots of "phantom" goals which come from nowhere and in the report box there is no explanation of how the goal was scored. Particullarly annoying when giving away a pentaly and can't see who commited the foul. 2. IS there any way to see the players ratings at the end of the match screen? 3. Is there any way to turn the graphics off all together? I don't need to see pixulated players at the end of matches.
  4. Can someone from Sigames please play a commentary only match on Fm 17 and then Fm 18 at full speed and then hopefully they will see how the new game is worse- matches take longer as there are no breaks in the match commentary and the match is difficult to follow.
  5. Update out but I have noticed no difference in speed for commentary only option. I hate that possession is no longer a stat you can see whilst the match is being played and the action areas have been there since Champ Manager and now have gone. For the first time ever I am considering going back a year- FM17 seems to be far more playable- 18 has too many needless changes which I think are worse.
  6. A few things which are hindering my enjoyment so far- all pretty minor and might be my errors: 1. I play matches on commentary only as although my laptop is ok speed-wise, the graphics are rubbish. Is there a way to disable to stadium view at the end of matches? It adds nothing to the game but slows things down. 2. The match commentary takes ages- fm17 the commentary would go through key moments but fm18 seems to have full commentary for every minute with no breaks. 3. The possession last 5 minutes is gone from the match view- this is how I have always watched matches and wish i
  7. I was hoping people could give me some advice as to what sort of laptop I should get? I don't have a great budget (£200-£250) however all I use my laptop for is FM. What sort of specifications should I be looking for to be able to play FM quickly? I only use the commentary mode so not that worried about the graphics but I just don't want it to be really slow (currently 1 star performance rating using only English League).
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