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  1. i have pogba whos 30 best cm in the game currently but should i sell him with this guy coming of age? the main difference is 1 is a carrick type keep ball moving while pogba is an animal goalscorer assister screenshots below
  2. for fm 18 i would say pogba very high average rating for a cm
  3. My starting 11 for the big games de gea henrichs oxford tuanzebe a.sandro tolisso pogba b.wilson (regen) asensio martial rashford subs a regen goalie t.love (regen cb) a.miles (regen dlp) pulisic c.gribbin c.ronaldo t.bieleg (regen striker)
  4. auto generated depending on experience as far as i know
  5. if kurzawa available at a decent price hes well worth the money as rotation or key player even
  6. henrichs or passlack both quality rb's henrichs is amazing for me personally
  7. to be honest i think its brilliant how many high quality regens you can get my man utd saves churn out good regens then its a case of having good scouts to find you high quality foreign regens to mix in but if you give them minimal game time 1st season in 1st team and gradually raise stats will increase alot faster i always get my regens to a championship level and if they still cannot claim a 1st team place they go out on loan until they are good enough for my 1st team
  8. i'll start off with mine my aim is a long haul save overhauling fergie & steering england to a world cup
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