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  1. Steam problem on Mac

    I tried to, but it doesn't work either :-(
  2. Steam problem on Mac

    Well that is the exact error message, Steam is having problems connecting to the server. I do not know if firewall is a problem, on my Mac the firewall is not activated and I have no antivirus.
  3. I just switched from a PC to a MAC and it seems I can't use Steam - the games I paid for. There is a week since I got the Mac and I can't connect to my account. The "Steam is having problems connecting to the server" message comes all the time I try to use it. Can you guys help me, please? There is a game I spent money for and if I can't use it, then I want my money back, obviously...
  4. Before it was really easy for me to choose the right pep talk for my players, but in FM12 I can easily see that it's not as easy anymore, because of the many different tones. Some help here? Maybe some good threads I could read? Thanks!
  5. Player roles

    I am in 2016 and the weird part is that Schweinsteiger can hold up to full games, while Kroos needs to be replaced by the 70th minute all the time. It's like having 2 substitutions available, because you know that one of them is always taken by him :-)
  6. Player roles

    Great advices guys, thank you! Only one question to Kenco: you say you have a DLP with defensive role. How come? A playmaker would normally think more of attack and creating chances than defending, even if he is deep lying.
  7. I coach Bayern and I have Schweinsteiger and Kroos both as CMs, but the coaches say they both work best by being employed as deep-lying playmakers. Now would it be a problem if I would set both of them as DLPs? I assume that some conflicts might be generated. Also, Muller is my AMC and works best as a trequartista, but my backup AMC works best as an attacking midfielder. I know that changing tactics all the time is not good, but does changing player roles count as changing the tactic?
  8. I didn't know they start learning it beforehand, but this is indeed a cool feature, very useful. Why not spend some time learning a new language if you have anyway 6 months until you move in the respective country?
  9. Ballon D'or

    Indeed a beast, had him at Porto (I managed there for two years before an offer from Bayern came), he scored more than 85 goals in these two years. Incredible player for the level he is playing at.
  10. Chairman Transfers

    Automatically set all the offers to be rejected for certain players that you don't want to lose and the board will not even hear of them :-).
  11. It happens quite often to me, especially when I manage high status clubs. Players that I want to get rid of do not want to go for a lower wage and I have to give them something for the remaining period of their contract in order for them to leave.
  12. It is a bug, happened to me as well. A player got angry 'cause I didn't sell him, but he was sold already.
  13. goalkeeper distribution

    Actually you set one of the full-backs, but if the GK considers it is dangerous to pass the ball there, he passes it to the other full-back.
  14. goalkeeper distribution

    I always have my keeper distributing the ball to one of the full-backs, I think this is the football every team should play. Long balls and fast play is not really my type.
  15. Fallen Giants

    Steaua Bucharest from Romania - once won the Champions Cup and European Super Cup and soon after lost another Champions Cup Final. Five years ago they were also in the semi-final of the UEFA Cup and almost got through to the Final with Sevilla. You could try it, they are not too happy with their latest Romanian League results either and they have an incisive chairman, who sacks coaches in a matter of few lost games.