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  1. @byvirus nFj5Z-pdKWeXRzJC_zUgetyXzrh31wZkZHeLYYz21hI.mp4
  2. Amazing job @byvirus , for me the best skin so far. Just need to point some issues on a 1366 x 768 resolution 85 % zoom Player info popup with scroll bar's Stadium container on club overview need a sligth tweek Tactics analisys in my opinion and if you want to do it, adjust the transparency of this view Match preview need some work on the container's space. Match in between highlitghs need some work too And once more, amazing job. Keep the good work mate.
  3. What a bummer . If i find something else , i let you guys know. Once more good job.
  4. Ok @PandoraBox thank's , and once more, god job of all you guys on the data research specially on Campeonato de Portugal and Distritais. Do you still visit CmPortugal?
  5. Ok , maybe the word error is exaggerated. but maybe a bad evaluation it's what i was trying to say. Maybe i've seen it wrong but the PA of Jota isn't -8 ?
  6. Hello, First of all , god job overall i just have one question, Why João filipe aka Jota have such low PA , as same of Rafael Leão and João Victor who came from Fafe , lower than Trincão ? Doesn't make much sense, what's the reason for that, a error?
  7. Maybe, but you need to reorganize the tactic, something like this Edit: That striker is an enganche :P
  8. Yeah i know, and score some goals too. Just use a regular BWM , Like @JoshLCFC mention, but if you can find someone with good finishing go for it
  9. GK- Roll out, distribute to center backs WB- Fewer risky passes , sit narrower , shot less CB- Fewer risky passes , close down much less BPD- close down much less , shot less DLP- none (Right now im using more risky passes) BWM- none IF'S- Shot less , Sit narrower EG- Shot less P- Shot less , move into channels
  10. You can change the position no problem with that, you can also change the enganche to a trequartista if you dont have a player that fit the role, and also you can change one of the IF To a winger on support , in fact this is the way i'm playing right now
  11. Wing backs- gets forward whenever possible CD- Play simple passes BPD- Like to switch ball to the other flank DLP- Dictates tempo , Like to switch ball to the other flank , Comes Deep to get the ball , Looks for pass rather than attempting to score , BWM- Play simple passes Enganche- Try killer balls Often , Comes deep to get the ball IF- Likes to try to beat offside trap , Plays one-twos , Cut's inside P- Likes to try to beat offside trap , Tries first times shots
  12. Yes. To stretch out the oposition defense
  13. Faster defender's and good positioning
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