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  1. kun^^

    [Portugal] Data Issues

    What a bummer . If i find something else , i let you guys know. Once more good job.
  2. kun^^

    [Portugal] Data Issues

    Ok @PandoraBox thank's , and once more, god job of all you guys on the data research specially on Campeonato de Portugal and Distritais. Do you still visit CmPortugal?
  3. kun^^

    [Portugal] Data Issues

    Ok , maybe the word error is exaggerated. but maybe a bad evaluation it's what i was trying to say. Maybe i've seen it wrong but the PA of Jota isn't -8 ?
  4. kun^^

    [Portugal] Data Issues

    Hello, First of all , god job overall i just have one question, Why João filipe aka Jota have such low PA , as same of Rafael Leão and João Victor who came from Fafe , lower than Trincão ? Doesn't make much sense, what's the reason for that, a error?
  5. Maybe, but you need to reorganize the tactic, something like this Edit: That striker is an enganche :P
  6. Yeah i know, and score some goals too. Just use a regular BWM , Like @JoshLCFC mention, but if you can find someone with good finishing go for it
  7. GK- Roll out, distribute to center backs WB- Fewer risky passes , sit narrower , shot less CB- Fewer risky passes , close down much less BPD- close down much less , shot less DLP- none (Right now im using more risky passes) BWM- none IF'S- Shot less , Sit narrower EG- Shot less P- Shot less , move into channels
  8. You can change the position no problem with that, you can also change the enganche to a trequartista if you dont have a player that fit the role, and also you can change one of the IF To a winger on support , in fact this is the way i'm playing right now
  9. Wing backs- gets forward whenever possible CD- Play simple passes BPD- Like to switch ball to the other flank DLP- Dictates tempo , Like to switch ball to the other flank , Comes Deep to get the ball , Looks for pass rather than attempting to score , BWM- Play simple passes Enganche- Try killer balls Often , Comes deep to get the ball IF- Likes to try to beat offside trap , Plays one-twos , Cut's inside P- Likes to try to beat offside trap , Tries first times shots
  10. Great, post some results
  11. Yes. To stretch out the oposition defense
  12. Change the width to wider
  13. Faster defender's and good positioning