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  1. The end of a great season , 4th In la Liga / Semi final on Europa League This is a good tactic overall after you understand what you need to do, i never used it before so it's was watch and tweek game by game until it's balanced. The player overall rating shows that all the players perform well .
  2. Slightly different formation and a bit old , but maybe could help you . I don't know why but all those years past and i still remember that thread . @wez007
  3. So far we're doing well. In this eighteen games unbeaten we had 8 strait draw's Mariano came on december transfer window, i ask the board to buy him because i don't have the funds to do it and they did I've made a few tweeks on the tactic, change de RPM to DLP(s) and the DLF(s) To an AF just because the DLF was dropping to deep and with two central midfielders on attack that area was to over crowded
  4. Sometimes, i'll drop work ball into box and play out of defense . Nothing else
  5. https://mega.nz/#!Y8l30S7B!u2GpgKzVwY_NlWTBgyrTvMQS5dcXMwoPI84P5bqghSc
  6. I've change his role to F9 at some point because he in real life press hard the oposittion defense and the trequartista role don't give me that. Rigth now i'm playing him as DLF(s) with roam from position, move into channels , and he's doing fantastic , replicating is moves IRL perfectly. About the formation , i've done a few changes, Gabriel is now a RPM , Pizzi a WP(s) and Rafa a IW(a) . Both wing back are on Support. With this formation i've won the champions league with Bilbao.
  7. It was my first signing on Loan, as you can see on my Screenshots . Well rounded player. On the left wing i'm going to use Tello , even with the rigth foot, is drible , pace and player traits can give a good variation to my system Joaquin is going to be trained as MEZ , he have such good attributes its a shame if i can't play him.
  8. Gonna start the season like this, it's a good formation with a obvious hole on the AMC spot. I will start with a MEZ(a) and a CM(a) and the Defensive MDF duo on support just to give the team a extra step foward . Let's see if it works Edit: First two games, with good win's . Defensively strong as the stas show, offensively a little short , low possession, maybe i'll tick exploit the midle TI on the next game and see how it goes. Game 1 : Game 2 :
  9. Take a look , the best by far is Sergio Sanchez , two times Pichichi in la Liga and golden boot on Champions league this year. Nice job on winniing the la liga , know im gonna focus on that
  10. Best save ever what a joy Still can't win the la liga
  11. I'm trying this to, With Benfica and Athletic Bilbao having good results. in the midfield duo i think we need a DLP(s) Gabriel Role , and some anchor, MC(d) Samaris role . Felix IMO is a number 10 a trequartista on this system.
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